If you’re a new and nervous would-be blogger, welcome!

In spite of there being millions of blogs already in existence, many are being created every day. This means that the process of blogging isn’t as difficult as you may think – and yet it still daunts many who want to start.

Not all of us adapt easily to technical challenges. The language is a big problem with so many new and mysterious words, there are strange and wonderful processes needed to be understood, and even though we are now use computers every day, starting something new can be a frightening experience that puts many off.

But once you’ve made that determined step, it’s important to have a companion by your side that has done it before and appreciates what you are thinking. Someone who has been through the angst, worry and confusion, fathomed out the difficult bits and wants you to succeed with creating a blog.

My new e-course series

That’s why I’m creating a series of e-courses on how to create a blog. Now I know there are plenty of other courses available, but do they take into consideration your apprehension, lack of technical knowledge and requirements of a slower pace with easier explanations? Do they provide a step-by-step visual course that clearly shows you what you need to do, with a reassuring screen-shot that confirms you have done it right?

I don’t approve of fast-moving videos with inadequate explanations, no jumps in the procedures with assumptions made you’ve already done it before, or understand what everything means. My videos allow you to pause as long as you need to understand each step, and backtrack easily to confirm or revisit a process for better understanding at your own level.

Starting really at the beginning

I begin at Level 0, which means I never assume you know anything in advance. This has been constructed carefully not to undermine you, but merely to show you properly how to begin at the beginning. I also maintain that every new project needs to have good foundations to make it stand up better, so I have contributed to this start your blog e-course to provide the best grounding for creating a blog from scratch, that can be adapted as your experience increases and your blogs develop.

Over the years I have been exploring the best way to teach how to blog. I have examined other blogging courses, and they all seem unsuitable to me because they move too fast, miss chunks out, don’t really start at the beginning or assume too much existing knowledge from their users.

I make it easier for you

Also I use WordPress.com as my blogging platform, because it requires no extra expense and most of the technical stuff has already been done for you. There is no need to worry about finding a domain or host or anything like that, and neither do you need to concern yourself about backing up or coping with spam. As a result you can have a proper bona fide blog up and running in minutes!

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  • Deon Fialkov says:

    Hi Alice

    I think it’s a great idea to start at the very beginning.

    Most blog courses assume some level of knowledge which is the wrong approach.

    Good luck !

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