How to give your blog a new lease of life

a new lease of life

This is a collaborative post by Joseph Peake. 

The blogging community has become so massive, there’s constant competition to get yourself noticed by other bloggers, readers, brands or advertisers.

As a result it’s become important to focus on your blog’s brand, design, usability, social media interactions and general networking.

This article will explore why it’s important to consider giving your blog a new lease of life.

Brand design can offer a new lease of life

You might be wondering why I’ve said brand design. Well, eventually your blog could become its own sort of brand.

As your blog starts to grow, your followers and stats (such as Domain Authority) will also increase. You will want to start to monetise your blog, and eventually it will become a mini brand in its own unique way.

Everyone knows a good brand needs to be well designed. That’s not just on the outside, but on the inside too. It’s necessary to have a good user interface setup behind the scenes. This ensures the usability of the blog is of a high quality, which is important for gaining a new lease of life.

Think how your readers actually use your blog

It might be worth revamping the UX design of your blog. This is when a company reviews your website/blog and suggests certain improvements to help generate more traffic. For example, having clear categories enables both clients and readers to easily find old posts.

How your blog is designed is also important. A homepage that has been given a new lease of life should include something that draws the user in. This could be a quirky logo, an artistic picture or even a short video.

It’s a good idea to keep the colour scheme simple, as this tends to be more popular and eye-catching. It’s also worth considering having a personal header created. Rather than just showing your blog’s name, a beautifully designed header can provide a more professional feel.

Do more social media interaction with your blog

Social media plays a huge part in the blogging world. It’s the main way you gain your followers and even interact with brands or advertisers.

Twitter and Instagram are the two main platforms bloggers use. So now’s the time to give your accounts a new lease of life by using them in a more effective way!

Find a path for your Instagram to take. Whether it is artsy pictures of nature, food or your fitness activities, it doesn’t matter. Once you’ve chosen your style, make sure you stick to it. For example, use your brand’s colour in your photo’s borders, take bright and inviting pictures, or sometimes even explore monochrome images.

Join blogger chats on Twitter to help meet new bloggers, and spread the word about your blog. Find these by researching the relevant hashtags, and following them for a while. Once you start engaging, your followers will be booming before you know it.

Generate a new lease of life by networking your blog

If you want to give your blog a true new lease of life, then start networking. Getting yourself out there, not only on social media, but through other blogging events is a great way to get noticed.

Face to face meets are where you will be more likely to gain followers, as here you can connect with people on a personal level. These are always really fun days out, and a great way to make new friends.

You can find these events online, or they’re usually posted via the big blogging groups on Twitter. This is a great way to show you’re real and love blogging, and this interaction will soon start to work wonders.

Let us know through the comments below your experiences in giving your blog a new lease of life.

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