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Continuing on my theme for picture blogs to overcome the fear of writing, I heard on BBC Breakfast News today about Doodlemum.

This is a brilliant blog! Blogging is an excellent pastime for mums, but unfortunately some can become a bit monotonous as they try to describe their daily lives. But this mum, Angie Stevens, expresses herself and her family through her doodles.

Actually I think they’re a bit more than just doodles, some have described them as sketches, but I think they’re full blown illustrations. Free, easy, immediately understandable, they instantly tell a story of the chaos of her family life: humorous, distressing, frustrating, exhausting – all mums will relate to these beautiful drawings.

There isn’t much text, just a quick explanation of what the story is about (if one is needed), perfect for a superb picture blog. You must go take a look!

On a more serious note, Angie has said she is looking for an illustration contract for picture books – I can’t think of a much better way to do this than to get your picture blog to go viral and being on TV to capture the attention of publishers and authors.

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