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We all felt for Andy Murray’s anguish when he came runner up at Wimbledon 2012 yesterday. Such a blow to hit a young man with incredible passion to win this amazing tennis championship. So near and yet not far enough: his quote “I’m getting closer!” says it all.

Let’s hope his passion will not diminish to allow him to try again next year. Andy has to combine his passion with persistence, focus and constant practise, continuously toning his body and mind to compete with the incredible pressures to win such a tournament. And of course he has the Olympics in just over two weeks, another chance to do his country proud, so needs to concentrate on an appropriate mindset for that.

Passion is an incredible driving force. It is the focus that keeps us going, provides food for thought, content and planning the next stage, fuelling the desire to create what we set out to do, to help, educate, entertain and inform our readers through our posts.

Blogging thrives on passion. It is the base ingredient of a successful post. Your readers will sense, understand and appreciate your passion, especially if you are skilled in revealing it within your words and language. It provides positivity, a centrepoint for your raison d’être, and if you can share with your readers your passion, goals and aspirations, they will ride the journey with you, and if you let them, encourage and boost you along the way.

This blog is a vehicle for my passion and what it represents. The Fairy Blog Mother aims to improve her educational status in teaching bloggers about how to blog, create a blog, improve their blog and write better posts. My journey has gone up several notches after creating a proper marketing plan, and there will be many exciting and valuable times ahead. Meanwhile I will gird my lions, fasten my seat-belt and don protective clothing as I venture forth to catch up with my passion and to meet its needs.

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Alice Elliott has been explaining blogging to beginner bloggers for almost two decades, specialising in using ordinary, everyday language to make the process as simple as possible so that anybody can understand.
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    Hello FairyBlogMother, Alice! You are truly one indeed. Thanks for your great content for bloggers. I am new to the blogging scene, and must say, enjoy the WordPress community I’m part of and learning so much.Inspiration is the main theme of my posts, but I’m still learning the technical aspects of WP. I’ve pinned this for inspiration to my Pinterest account, and look forward to your inspirational sharing in the world of blogging. Thanks again!

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