power of the picture

How aware are you of the power of the picture?

I like it when I see pictures in a blog. This isn’t only for photographers and those whose business survives on imagery such as arts and crafts, jewellry and silver-ware, stationery and cards or whatever.

I know I am guilty in the fact that I don’t put enough pictures into my blog, but it certainly does make a difference, not ony because it is colourful, but because it enables those who thrive on the visual side of comprehension to understand your point of view better.

But there are a few pointers that you need to know before submitting an image to your blog.

First, do you have copyright? So many pictures are ‘stolen’ from the web, both consciously and unconsciously, but it is a crime. This also includes scanning in images from books or whatever, just like photocopying music, which carries a heavy fine. Please be careful about where your pictures come from.

I generally create my own, or otherwise I pay for my pictures from the web from special websites that provide imagery, usually at very reasonable costs.

I’m very much aware of copyright, since my mother said she fell foul of this practice in the beginning of her freelancing days, and had to pay the author more for his picture than her commission for her work. It truly isn’t worth it, as it’s very easy to be found out.

OK, so you have your picture, then it needs to be adapted for the web. I use Photoshop because as an ex-graphic designer I have it to hand.

It sizes my pictures by centimetres or pixels (whatever you are used to), transforms the image into RGB which is the correct form for the web (as oppose to CYMK for printing), and can create a myriad of file types that are acceptable for uploading.

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Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott (aka the award winning Fairy Blog Mother) has been helping bloggers understand about blogging for two decades.

She has also been scrutinising the benefits of commenting on blogs and social media for both individuals and businesses for a decade.

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  • This is a review I received on my ‘The Power of Pictures’ blogging package:

    “I loved your ‘How to put a picture up on your blog’ tutorial. A very clear, step-by-step guide that can take even the most basic novice and turn them into a mini-master. I have in the past managed to upload a couple of images to my blog but in the future it will be even easier. Making the image the correct size needed before uploading sounds like such a simple idea now that I have read it in your tutorial but I had never thought of it. Thank you very much for putting this fantastic guide together and taking us all through the stages of a successful blog the easy way.” Sue Wilson

  • Good tip, Alice. I like to take my own photos also, yet there are times I’ve used Fun.pic or Wiki Media Commons for free ones. And I don’t mind of others use my photos, it would be great if they added a link to my blog or gave me credit.

    By the end of the week when I’m fried, I post a “Photo Friday,” usually of a humorous dog or handsome canine.

    • Don’t forget the power of Flickr, a great space to house your own pictures for future use. Others can be used to, as long as they are suitably acknowledged with appropriate links back to the author concerned.

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