How to find and create blog posts that bring traffic

create posts that bring traffic

A guest post by Michael Deane. 

In every bloggers’ journey, a day comes when they ask themselves this disturbing question: “Do I really believe my blog is reaching and attracting the right crowd?“

How you answer those questions determines your future path. You either thoroughly plan your blogging strategy to boost your odds for success, or you call it quits.

Here is how to create blog posts that will actually bring traffic to your little corner of the digital world.

Be strategic to bring traffic

To write blog posts that bring traffic, you need to apply some basic rules of digital marketing.

First, have a clear idea who your ideal readers are for your posts. In other words, you need to know more about your target audience. Once you’ve done this, then you tailor your posts to meet your audience’s specific needs.

Your posts must useful by providing valuable information and educating your followers. Alternatively you could entertain your consumers through funny and cool content instead.

However, the best approach is to provide both.  Provide a solution to your audience’s pain points in both an interesting and entertaining manner which grabs their attention.

If you’re stuck for ideas, check out Quora and Buzzsumo. Here you can see what your industry or niche is currently talking about. Or you can choose one of these tools for generating unique blog topic ideas. 

As well as trendy posts, produce evergreen content which won’t become irrelevant over time. Remember to repurpose this content repeatedly to update them with new information.

Give your best

No matter what topic you choose for your blog post, give it your best shot. Boost your traffic with high-quality, relevant content which adds value to your consumers’ lives.

There are several things to pay special attention to:

  • Focus on your grammar and your spelling.
  • Make your post easy to read.
  • Stop thinking about yourself. Instead address your consumers’ needs and desires. Produce posts that solve their problems and pain points.
  • Steer away from opinionated posts. Add data from relevant studies or research and be creative.
  • Use an authentic voice to allow your consumers to distinguish you from other bloggers.
  • Avoid using heavy promotional or salesy language in your posts. Your readers won’t like it.

Use SEO to bring traffic

If you want to bring traffic to your blog posts, you’ll need good search engine rankings. Therefore use search engine optimisation (SEO) to help your content get noticed by the search engines. This means it is more likely to get discovered.

Do proper research of keywords your prospects would most probably use when they are searching for the products or services you’re offering.

As most commonly used keywords usually have a high competition, you’ll need to be more specific by using long-tail keywords. Since these usually have a lower search volume, they increase your chances of ranking well. Although you won’t get much traffic, your results will be of high-quality and ready to convert.

Also to boost your rankings, you also need backlinks from relevant authority sites which Google trusts.

However, SEO is so much more than using links and keywords. As properly optimising your content is not easy, consider outsourcing it to a professional for better results.

And if you are targeting members of your local community, your approach needs to be different, so consider using local SEO to boost online visibility.

Craft great headlines

Write clear headlines which capture your readers’ attention. Find great headline generators online to check how your headlines rank and what’s needed to improve them. Some bloggers claim this it is more important than the content itself.

Bear this in mind when attempting to grab your visitors’ attention by making a promise, or asking a question. State a fact your users will find useful and relevant, and will spark their interest in finding out more.

You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with different types of headlines to find out what your visitors find most appealing.

Go visual

People respond really well to visual content, so think about including images, photos, infographics and videos in your posts that grab attention. Research claims our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text, as we grasp the meaning easier and remember it longer.

So instead of a regular blog post, next time opt for a 2-minute video, as this can get you 3 times as many inbound links than a standard text-image piece. Check out this post about video marketing statistics.

Be consistent

Another thing vital for boosting the traffic of your blog is how often you post.

Your site visitors need to know your blog is regularly updated. This is so when they next arrive on it, they will find something fresh and interesting. This gives them a reason to subscribe or bookmark your blog, thus positively influencing your future traffic.

Commit to being consistent with your blog posts as this way you’ll find it much easier to build up and keep your follower base.

Engage with your audience

Consider how you can increase engagement with your audience. Certainly you should always respond to your blog comments, both the positive and the negative ones. This will keep your visitors engaged, making them more likely to return to your website in the future.

Use your social media channels to promote your content pieces. The more you engage with your followers through your posts on social media, the more likely they will share it within their private circles, gaining you more traffic and conversions.

Consider holding a giveaway, discount or competition to get some extra traffic.

Find the social media groups where your target audience hangs out, and engage in there to establish your position as a credible source of information.

Optimise for speed and mobile

Here are some technical details you should pay attention to if you want an increase in your traffic. People fail to wait for more than 3 seconds for a site to load, so it’s a good idea not to test their patience.

In 2018, 52% of web traffic came from mobile devices. If your content doesn’t display well on a small screen, you’re in for a disaster. Optimise your site for speed and mobile, and see your numbers rise.

By following the tips above you will create some great blog posts which will attract your target audience. It’s essential to polish both the quality of your writing as well as the technical details of your website if you want to build a steady and growing following which will bring traffic to your blog.

About the author

Michael DeaneMichael Deane has been working in marketing for almost a decade and has worked with a huge range of clients, which has made him knowledgeable on many different subjects. He has recently rediscovered a passion for writing and hopes to make it a daily habit. You can read more of Michael’s work at Qeedle.

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