Productivity tools every non-techie blogger should know about

Productivity tools every non-techie blogger should know about

Guest post by Sandra Rodgers. 

If you are new to the world of blogging, doing everything on your own can sometimes be quite stressful.

If you want to avoid the kind of stress and anxiety that comes from being overwhelmed with blogging, maybe you should consider delegating some of your work. But I’m not talking about delegating it to other people, but to technology!

The Internet can offer you many useful productivity tools, but you need to know which are some of the best ones available to you. Therefore I have selected a few that might help you deal with everyday issues, such as checking grammar, getting content ideas, and more!

Stuck for content ideas?

One of the most obvious things a blogger does is to write content. But for beginners this process can be very difficult and time-consuming if you are not sure what to write about.

If you are looking for ideas, productivity tools such as Portent can help you within a few clicks. Simply enter in whatever topic you want to write about, and Portent will offer you some inspiring titles. Once you have chosen something appropriate, the rest of the content should become much easier to write!

Need help with your English?

It seems that many bloggers find writing English difficult, especially if it isn’t their first language. There is an abundance of grammar and spelling productivity tools tools available that can help such bloggers!

I would like to recommend Reverso, an online tool that offers several important features such as grammar and spelling checks. It also has a translating feature as well as a resource for defining words and finding synonyms.

Want to define your writing further?

However, if you want to work on bettering your English, you could give Thesaurus a try. Thesaurus also gives definitions and synonyms, and is much easier to work with.

All you have to do is type the word you want defined, and Thesaurus will give you the word for word definition, as well as several synonyms and even antonyms!

Want to maintain standards?

You already know your posts need to satisfy certain length standards to rank better on Google. Therefore knowing about productivity tools that counts words and characters might come in handy. Character Count Online will do this for you, and more!

Simply paste your text into the box on your screen to get a complete analysis of your post, including counting characters, words, sentences and paragraphs. You can also get further analysis of your content, such as how many times you used certain words. This can be useful to know if you are overusing a word or repeating yourself!

Want help with social media?

If you are always creating your work on the go, use Buffer to handle your social media for you. This helps you prevent wasting time thinking about your publishing schedule or sharing other posts on your profiles.

Not only can Buffer can post onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks, this app can also give you a complete analysis of your social media. Within a few clicks you will see how many people shared and retweeted your posts, and much more!

Want to read pdfs correctly?

Now and again you will receive a file that is poorly formatted. It is very likely to be a pdf, since this one of the most common formats for sending written content other than maybe Word.

If you find yourself inconvenienced with only your tablet or some other mobile device, and you can’t read the file properly, simply convert it using PDF Converter Ultimate. This app not only converts your files perfectly, it can allow you to edit them in whatever other system you like!

Which of these productivity tools is best for you?

I suggest you should investigate further into the productivity tools mentioned in this post. Give them a try to see if they suit you and can make your life easier. Once you’ve cracked how to blog effectively, success is only just around the corner.

About the author:

Sandra RodgersMy name is Sandra Rodgers. I run the Cometdocs blog and post on it weekly. I love yoga, travel, photography, cooking foreign cuisine traditional meals and I’m a major tech enthusiast. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter.

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