encourage readers to promote your blog content

How to encourage readers to promote your blog content for you

Guest post by Christine Allen.

It’s not as easy as it was to rely on traditional keyword ranking to help promote your blog content.

In the past you could happily succeed with writing quality content, however today this isn’t the case. If you want any kind of promotion to be successful, it is crucial to engage your readers. You need to convince them how important it is to help you promote your content.

Here are several techniques designed to help you encourage your readers to promote your blog content:

Let your readers know how they can benefit

Your main purpose should be to tell your readers what they could gain from reading your content. You can deliver this in a variety of formats: written, video, audio or whatever.

Present this kind of content immediately at the beginning of the post. Your goal is to offer users something that’s relevant and valuable to them. For example, if you’re selling slimming products, refer to actual case studies. Each blog post should indicate how this product can help reduce abdominal fat.

Interact with your audience

It’s important to understand your target audience thoroughly and to discover what’s special about them. Once you know them better, then you can learn how to entice your audience to promote your blog content.

The first step would be one on one interaction with your audience by having a conversation with them. Make good use of Twitter, where you will be able to engage more directly with your readers. Here you could also monitor any feedback that arises after interacting with your readers.

Remember to simplify your conversations so that non-native English speakers can understand you better. Keep jargon and other unnecessary words at bay, to avoid confusion. Conversing with your readers directly can help create a subconscious connection between you.

Simplify the sharing

You need to make it easy for your readers to promote your blog content by sharing it on social media. They aren’t going to take up the initiative otherwise.

Therefore make sure your social sharing buttons are easy to find and use. Place them within easy eyeshot, such as underneath the post or floating at the side.

Give them a good reason to share your content, and ask them to help you by sharing it. Your blog post will instantly be shared on their profiles.

The emotional factor

If you want the promotion of your product or service to go viral, the answer is to connect with your readers in an emotional context.

For instance, a motor vehicle manufacturing company offers a competition in which they ask their ardent fans to share the memorable experiences they’ve had with any of the cars they make. The best-shared memory wins a prize.

Whatever you’re marketing, campaigns that are based around relevant themes that create an emotional connection with your audience will work wonders.

Crowdsource content

Search engine like Google favour websites with lots of consistently produced content, so the more you publish, the greater the probability it has of being indexed.

Therefore your site needs to contain a lot of user-generated material, possibly by multiple authors, that provides relevant content for your readers. A website like Wikipedia is a good example of how crowdsourcing works.

If you choose to go down the route of content crowdsourcing, ensure that your suppliers don’t have to fill out long registration forms with unnecessary information. This can be extremely off-putting.

Turn the content into a video

One good idea to promote your blog content is to repurpose it by turning it into a video. This will make it instantly more appealing to a lot of different people.

Remember to upload your video onto sites like YouTube and other online video communities, where you will find millions of users looking for good videos. This will present your content to a much wider audience.

Some people prefer to watch rather than read, so videos are an excellent way of reaching another set of followers. Make sure your content is sufficiently interesting and relevant, or no one will bother watching more than five seconds of your video!

Make good use of SlideShare

Another form of repurposing is to turn your content into a slide show via SlideShare. Research has shown that SlideShare receives millions of visitors each month. This has one of the biggest audiences on the web, and Alexa places it amongst the top 150 websites in the whole world.

SlideShare presentations, much like YouTube videos, rank very highly when it comes to attracting search results. As a result this gives your content a greater chance of being found.

Create a common enemy

Controversy and discussion arguments are great attention seekers. Share with your readers what annoys you the most about social media marketing. Reveal some myths about blogging that you want to explain better.

Tailor your content so that it reveals to your audience who and what prevents them from becoming successful. Is it your competition, the political government or commenting spammers?

Whatever it is, pinpoint who your enemy is, and your readers will get behind you. This way the objective of sharing your content to a wider audience will be improved.

Publish content on popular sites

If you are starting out in your chosen field, nine times out of ten your content won’t be receiving much attention. People are too busy to read absolutely everything. They have a lot of content to wade through within a short period of time before they make a decision to read the best.

Another answer to promote your blog content is to guest post. This is much more effective than producing content on your own site, where you will only to get a few comments or shares here and there.

Whereas if you manage to publish your content on a popular blog, you’ll be presenting your ideas in front of hundreds of thousands of new readers, with the chance of receiving much more engagement and interaction.

Make use of quality images

Many bloggers forget how important images are. They can make your work look more attractive to your readers, by breaking up dense walls of text and adding extra informational interest to the post.

Your audience is more likely to be captivated when a high-quality picture is placed at the beginning of your post. This can, in turn, motivate them to continue reading your work, and hopefully will end up sharing it.

Get your readers to promote your blog content for you

Here are only some of the ways your audience can be persuaded to promote your blog content. It’s worth taking advantage of them, as they will go a long way towards creating your success.

However, if you think I’ve left something out, please let us know via the comments, so that this will help my other readers, We can all benefit from each other’s knowledge.

About the author:

Christine AllenChristine Allen is young writer and blogger. She writes for ThrivingWriter. She believes that you can get everything that you want. You just need to be sure in what you really want and be patient. You can follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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