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A guest post by Junaid Hassan. 

Podcasts have been famous for some years now, and they can help you at all personal and business levels.

This is the point where Instagram comes in. It is an inspiring and visually appealing platform you can not only use to showcase your expertise or portfolio. But at the same time, you could promote your podcast to get more likes and followers. It also helps in increasing your sales.

So, if you wish to promote your podcast to feature you or your business, we have some incredible methods for that.

Bio for promotion

On Instagram, a bio is a source of information about what you do and helps your audience understand you better. Your podcast will have more reactions if you include photos in this section. A podcast usually has interviews, and when you interview someone of big stature, you can showcase your efforts in a better way.

The best choice would be strong copy and showing pictures of prominent guests you have interviewed. It is an easy way to get the hype your podcast needs.

Best types of content for podcasts

There are multiple choices to promote your podcast on Instagram, such as:

  1. Try using IGTV to share your videos.
  2. The stories feature helps you promote your activities in an efficient and promotive manner.
  3. Photos and videos in the feed are the best promotions as well.

These helpful posts help you have better hype for the promotion you need.

Featuring quotations

Quotations are also an important part of podcasts to help you with promotion. Create a great design to share the words spoken by your guests. Find the best words which add value to people’s lives. Easy peasy, this is an easy way to create a fantastic promotion.

In the case of podcasts, the importance of such quotations is evident. You can drive traffic onto your posted podcasts with a significant return on investment and better hype. Try this for all kinds of podcasts you do.

Go live with a podcast

Everyone would love a recorded podcast, but going live would be even better. You can try interviewing your guest online by asking questions your audience would like to hear. Also you can try Q and A sessions with your audience, asking questions with your guests answering them.

If you have a product or service-oriented podcast, try answering your customers with Instagram live too. Use reviews from loyal customers who love you and your products to enhance success.

Using apps to convert into visual

A great tip would be to use applications to help you turn your audio content into a video on Instagram. The promotion you create with these apps will allow people to listen to your podcasts in a more visual way.

Use bio links

The bio is most probably the first thing your audience sees. So, take advantage of it. You can give the link to your new posts in this section. People would love to hear you and your guests when you announce a link from your bio. This allows them to go straight to your podcast after reading about what you present in it.

Get your crew visual

Every time you have completed a successful, value-adding podcast, try using some pictures taken after the session. It is a super-easy method to get the hype of your new episode. Offering a simple selfie which features you and your guests is an easy way to promote.

Additional benefits include a sense of your listeners being connected with you. This strategy allows your listeners to see who they listen to and follow. So, try this one too.

Hashtag strategies to follow

Hashtags have been an important part of Instagram and other social media platforms when you promote your podcast. Try having some helpful ones from the following sources:

  1. You can ‘borrow’ some nice hashtags from your competitors.
  2. Use the same hashtags your audience is using. This strategy can help you reach new communities and have better visibility of your posts.
  3. For established brands, having a branded hashtag that is unique. Such a hashtag would become the identity of your brand over social media.

Try these strategies to have better visibility of your podcast over Instagram.

Make smaller chunks of content

Creating smaller chunks of your content means you have better results with watch hours. If you are looking to have a smaller piece of content, it needs to be short, easy to follow, and catchy.

Such content works for marketing videos and all other types of animating content. YouTube has a similar feature known as shorts which helps people on your channels. If you have some introduction video on IGTV, you have got a big edge. A big number of people are bound to divert from there to your account, giving you more traffic when you promote your podcast.

Fill the feed with latest news and trends

The feed may be considered the most important part of your profile and the most highlighted one too. So you need to fill it with the best posts and content you can produce. Provide amazing content for people who visit your profile. And then, it does not matter you are doing a podcast as an individual or a company.

If you are working for your brand, try the latest trends you get your hands on. This would work for all kinds of brands, from clothing to lifestyle and from personalities to local level ones.

Final thoughts on how to promote your podcast

Podcasts have been famous, and they are going to be a good source of information in the future. Promote your podcast over Instagram using the right hashtags; posting your crew pictures would help too.

Use the best hashtag options with other strategies which suit your podcast. Instagram is a visual platform that helps with highlights, feed, and other features to promote your work. Moreover, you may use these for multiple types of podcasts.

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Junaid-HassanJunaid Hassan is an internet marketing expert with expertise in SEO. He is a growth manager for an SMM services company.

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