Promoting your marketing quiz

Promoting your marketing quiz

Guest post by Sarah Arrow.

Woo Hoo! You’ve created a marketing quiz and everything is perfect. You’ve checked for typos, grammos and Cheerios and all is good.

All you must do now is promote your marketing quiz so that it can sift your readers, make them smile and generate lovely warm leads for you.

Of course, when you planned your quiz, you thought of the ideal reader and of course, they’re the ideal quiz taker. Taking what you know about your ideal reader means you will have a rough idea of where she hangs out online.

Knowing where your ideal reader prefers to drink her social media coffee is vital to the successful promotion of your quiz.

Send a newsletter about your marketing quiz

Your first step will be to mail out to your subscribers. These are your most loyal fans. Invite them to take the quiz, and give you feedback about your quiz.  Your subscribers are more forgiving of any typos that slip your beady editing eye. They’re more than happy to let you know about them!

Your marketing quiz is also a powerful tool that converts your subscribers into superfans. The action of taking the quiz and answering questions forges a deeper connection with you.

The best marketing quizzes have a viral aspect built in. On completion of your quiz, the participant has the option to share their results on social media. This will ignite the viral aspect of your quiz. Your subscribers will help to make this happen.

With the initial marketing done, it’s now time to start using social media to promote your quiz.

How to promote your quiz using Facebook

Facebook ads will advance your marketing quiz to the next stage very quickly. Make sure your website can withstand the traffic.

If you target your dream clients via the initial ads, you can then retarget those participants with the relevant follow-up ads. If Facebook ads are too complex for you, then a simple boost of your post is enough to get you started. You don’t need to spend a lot, and your leads, if correctly targeted, should pay for themselves very quickly.

Facebook groups are a great place to share. Make sure you share in a group you’re active in. If you explain what your quiz is about and who it’s for, you will have some uptake in the group. You will have some members help you by sharing even if they don’t take the quiz themselves. If you just drop a link and cross your fingers…then you’ll be very disappointed.

If you have your own Facebook group, adding your marketing quiz to the pinned post is a smart move. When you greet new group members, direct them to the quiz in the pinned post.

Remember, you can also change your cover images to reflect the quiz and in the description, add a link. This works well on your FB Business page, your personal profile and your cover photos in the group.

In addition to these static places you can add your quiz link, remember you can snap screenshots and teaser videos (using a tool like Snagit) and share those on your Business Page to keep your audience intrigued.

Teasers and promos can be scheduled out on your Facebook Page, saving you from remembering to share a quiz teaser every day.

How to promote your quiz using Twitter

If your dream clients love Twitter then you should be sharing you quiz there. Use your pinned Tweet to invite followers to take your quiz. Schedule tweets about your quiz to go out every day, to remind your followers about it. Remember to vary the text, the call to action and the hashtags that you use.

Search for Twitter users who are struggling with what you do, and invite them to take the quiz. This is technique that’s easily done and appreciated because:

  • It’s useful and actionable
  • It’s not spam
  • Optin to your newsletter isn’t forced

Whatever you do, don’t mass message all your followers and demand they take the quiz. For every person that thinks “Fab, this is just what I need”, another is hitting the spam button and begging Twitter to block you.

Your Twitter Header image is a gorgeous space, here you can encourage those that visit your profile to take your quiz. Pop a link to the quiz in your profile and then use engaging copy to persuade your followers to click the link in your profile.

Promoting your quiz using Pinterest

If your dream clients are on Pinterest, then you’ll love how you can market your quiz using Pinterest. Promoted pins will do well with your branded pins; they are like ads. Again, you will promote to a specific audience and not anyone with a pulse. It pays to do your research here. Here’s my branded pin:

Promoting your quiz on Pinterest

The Pin is in my brand colours and fonts, with the URL of my marketing quiz. I can create a series of images to share a story, and have them on a custom pin board. This board will have the name of my quiz, and in the description, share the details about your quiz.

Use your board cover to link directly to your quiz.  Remember, you are not limited to your own boards. You can share your quiz pins on group boards.  You can break your quiz into sections and then create pins for each part. See the attached 4 pins:

How to market your quiz on Twitter     How to market your quiz on Facebook 2     How to market your quiz on Instagram     How to market your quiz on Facebook

The images that you use on social media, must align with the images you have in your quiz.

Image congruency works for whatever platform you plan to advertise on. Remember this as it will impact upon your success.

Promoting your quiz with Instagram

Change the URL in your Instagram profile to your marketing quiz. Convert to an Instagram business account if you haven’t already, and then connect this to your Facebook account. You can now promote a ‘Gram to your audience.

If you’re active on Instagram, you can ask some of your friends to repost your image and tag you in it. As with Pinterest, you can create a stream of images on the topic of your quiz, and direct people back to the link in your profile. You can use to resize the images from Pins into Instagram sized images. This will save you hours of time. Using a tool like Grum, you can schedule your Instagrams to go out each day, and experiment with the hashtags that you use.

Promoting your quiz with Google Plus

Although this social area is ‘dead’, according to some social gurus, you can still share your quiz to the right circles. You can even mass message your circles and invite them to take your quiz. I’d only do this if you have hyper-segmented Circles and you knew the people in it would be happy to participate. You can also share in some of the G+ communities. Some of these are active and will send you a surge of traffic.

If you have any tips to promote your marketing quiz, please leave a comment sharing your ideas with us.

About the author

Sarah ArrowSarah Arrow is a quiz fanatic, and that includes winning a high-level quiz in Portugal. She doesn’t speak a word of Portuguese and is still trying to work out how it happened 17 years later. You can find out more about her here.


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