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quickly start a blog

A guest post by Kristin Herman.

Blogging seems easy until you decide to start one.

Even though it seems everyone has a blog these days, wannabe bloggers typically find themselves at a loss as soon as they decide to quickly start a blog.

Some try to follow a step-by-step guide to make sure they have not missed anything. Even though such guides are informative, there is no guarantee these tips will be useful in your particular case.

This is why covering the basics is the most important thing when it comes to blogging. Here is the list of the most useful resources that will really come in handy if you want to quickly start a blog.

Choose your preferred platform

Before you start learning more about various blogging tips, you need to choose the platform where you are going to post your content. Also you need to decide whether you will choose a free version, or make an investment from the beginning with the paid version.

Your decision will depend on your goals, your skills and the target audience you want to reach. The most popular choice is WordPress, but you are obviously free to choose any platform you like.

It’s all in the name

To begin with, take time to mull over the choice of your domain name and make sure it is not already taken.

Think who your ideal reader is. What would attract them to your blog? Which keyword is important to both you and your readers, and can you fit it into your blog’s name.

And choose a domain name that is both memorable and easy type into a search bar. If it can’t trip off the tongue without effort, you’ve made it too difficult.

Use Grammarly

If you are going to write a lot of posts, a good resource to get familiar with is Grammarly or any other software that helps you improve your writing.

If you have literacy problems, it will be hard to reach your target audience and create a popular blog, as no one enjoys reading content with grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Therefore it’s worth double-checking your content before posting. Make sure what you write is easy to read. Paraphrase any sentences that seem too long. In other words, simplify.

Be aware of the legal side

Remember the importance of copyright and licenses. If you use content that was not created by you, always reference the author.

Use images from royalty-free websites. You cannot take any image from anywhere and pass it off on your blog. as this is a breach against copyright.

This aspect is very simple: respect the work of others if you want to be treated the same way. Definitely something you shouldn’t neglect if you want to quickly start a blog.

Grab some attention

Add images and videos into your blog posts. The attention span of your readers is so short these days, many people find it difficult, or don’t have the time, to read a whole article.

Yet they will gladly watch a video instead, or enjoy an infographic that explains your post in a visual format. This is a global tendency that’s worth keeping in mind.

Creating a vlog rather than doing lots of tedious writing is a really easy way to quickly start a blog.

Back up regularly

Remember to regularly back up your blog. No one wants to lose all their content because of a technical issue or a bug. The best piece of advice in this respect is to make at least a few copies.

And if there is an update in your blog, immediately deal with it. Updates are created to overcome a problem, or to make your blog more secure. Leaving them will make your blog wide open to hackers and fraud.

Focus on the hard work

Writing a blog can be fun, but it is a lot of work as well. The most significant thing is to find your own voice. And choosing a niche topic will help towards your popularity.

Everybody is searching for unique content. This means sharing your personal and unique experience. Alternatively choose a different angle on a certain topic that makes it stand out from the crowd.


This is a really cool website that offers loads of tips on blogging, copywriting and content marketing. Here you will find various tools designed to make your blog more appealing to your target audience.

What is particularly useful about this resource is they have ebooks and online courses, some of which are even free of charge.

Follow other favourite blogs

If you already follow a couple of bloggers who have inspired you to start a blog quickly, the best thing you can do is to learn from their experience.

The next time you read their blogs, pay attention to the language, the tone of voice, when they publish posts and so on. These all play a huge role, as one poorly chosen word or turn of phrase may cost them their audience.

And if you like what you read, why not comment on these posts. The authors will be very grateful, and it’s a good way of getting respectable backlinks to your new blog.

Can students become bloggers?

Absolutely! If you are able to create unique content or have something you want to share, go ahead and quickly start a blog.

Choose the platform that fits in with your topic and your target audience. Also make sure you have a clear understanding why you want to quickly start a blog.

If you may have been wanting to set one up for a while, but find studying at college insanely overwhelming, check out freeessaywriters for high-quality academic writing help. This agency hires experts who have valuable experience, so a student will actually gain useful content from using this writing service.

Are you ready to quickly start a blog?

Here are a few considerations when you come to quickly start a blog. Even though I have said ‘quickly’, creating a worthy blog will take time. And persistence.

So many people quickly start a blog and then grow bored with it. If you are really focused about blogging, choose a subject you have a real passion about, so you won’t get disillusioned and will have plenty of knowledge to fill your posts.

Good luck with your new blog. I hope it will be successful and give you lots of pleasure while you write or vlog in it.

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Kristin HermanKristin Herman is an experienced tech enthusiast and a project manager. She regularly writes articles for a wide variety of online magazines and blogs. An avid marketing writer, she writes about the latest trends in marketing and social media.

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