Rant: struggling with an outdated hosting package

Website creationYesterday was horrible. I have been up to my eyes with technical hosting stuff and it has been driving me mad!

Why do some hosting packages not use the one-click-install features like Fantastico? To be battling with MySQL databases and FTP managers and all sorts of shenanigans is totally unnecessary in this day and age.

Why am I in this mess?

So why didn’t I use one of my usual hosting packages that I know have this feature? Well, there is always the old adage that the customer is always right, and if he wants to use 1and1.co.uk rather than JustHost.com or whatever, then there is nothing I can do about it (except swear under my breath and brace myself for the forthcoming ordeal).

OK, there’s always the problem of changing the nameservers if the domain isn’t part of the hosting account, but that’s usually a straightforward job. Using a one-click-installation system is so much easier because it says exactly what’s on the tin – one click and WordPress,.org is installed! No creating MySQL databases, no uploading WordPress into a FTP manager, no editing the configuration files, absolutely no bother whatsoever. Everything is completed in under a minute!

Why aren’t they all doing it?

So why haven’t all the hosting companies adopted this one-click-installation system? It seems so last century to be faffing about behind the scenes with these technicalities when some clever person has created this wonderful short-cut to make the lives of people like me all that much better.

And yet it seems so difficult to explain to people about the hosts that are, what I call it, totally compatible with WordPress and have the on-click-installation system available. They are persuaded by price rather than ease – and what they don’t realise is that by using this out-dated method, when it comes to updating stuff (and there’s always plugins, themes and WordPress that continuously needs updating) it continues to be a nightmare, with remembering MySQL passwords and such like, which isn’t necessary with the one-click system.

Peace of mind too

And also these outdated hosting accounts don’t have automatic backup and data-retrieval systems that have been a god-send to me in the past when everything went pear-shaped through a dodgy FTP connection. I don’t mind paying a bit extra if I know that my website is thoroughly backed up and can be reinstated whenever I need it – and there was one occasion when I was in the middle of a difficult transaction and everything went down! Straight to my hosting account, clicked on the backup installation button, and within two hours everything was back to normal! Such a relief!

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  • Is there a way of moving from wordpress to a self hosted site without losing stats or followers. I’m debating between self hosting and WordPress premium at min. Would probably use guided transfer too for self hosted but wouldn’t want to lose the above

    • If your followers have subscribed through a RSS medium, check with them if you can transfer them over to your new blog. But what you could do is write plenty of advance ‘transfer’ posts in your old blog to persuade your followers to find your new blog, especially if you provide an incentive for doing so. If any of them really want to keep in touch with what you write, they will make the move.

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