11 ways to repurpose your videos

repurpose your videos

A guest post by Sagar Mandan.

Creating video content is an important aspect of marketing as well as knowing how to repurpose your videos.

Truth be told, creating video content for your social media page can be unrewarding. Online marketing with video is challenging as content that has been published loses its popularity and reach.

Thus the best way to go about it is to repurpose your videos.

1. Cut your videos into shorter clips

The way your audience interacts with the videos depends on where they are watching it. In order to engage more viewers, you can customise the video as per the platform where it is going to be shared. This can be Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

In an era where people like having everything on the go, watching a long video can be really tough. Audiences like watching clips that are short but informative. Hence, you can cut the videos when you post them on social media. You can include a link to the original version of the video. So, if people find it useful, they can check out the longer version.

2. Create an audio podcast

Video content is quite popular on social media and to be out there, you need to use more video. However, not everyone likes watching videos. Audiences while watching a video has to give in their full attention. Thereby, they will have to take a break from what they are doing to watch the video and listen.

It is easier to take in audio content as it involves one of the senses. You can listen to podcasts as you engage in other activities. Listen to it while you are traveling in your car, working out, or doing household work. Hence, you can turn your popular video content into a podcast.

3. Convert the videos into slides

In case you have a corporate video or a tutorial, you can easily convert it to slides. Improve your video’s life by transforming them into presentations. Then you can share them on SlideSnack and SlideShare.

You will come across many tools that will help in converting your videos into slides. In some, you will be able to record an optional voice over. Thus, you can share the slidecast as voice presentations.

4. Use the video transcription

Users primarily access their social media accounts through their smartphones. People watch video content while they take part in some other activity. With the default settings on the social media apps, the videos can ‘Autoplay’ on mute until the audience turns on the volume button.

You can transcribe the videos and use them for explaining things better. Viewers like watching clips because it only keeps one sense busy and not everyone likes hearing things all the time. There are various channels that are already practicing the tricks.

5. Transform it to written word

Many people like watching videos that are included in blog posts or are recommended by an article. If you use the key points of the video and use it in the blog, it can help in explaining the video better. This will also improve message clarity.

At times, readers and search engines prefer video content. Developing a blog post or transcription on the video will make it accessible to the readers. SEO can be done adequately to make sure it is visible and reach out to a maximum number of people.

6. Edit short videos to create a longer one

Apart from repurposing your long video content, you can make good use of your short videos developed by Corporate Video Production for your social media updates. This can short 6 seconds videos, animated videos, Timelapse or looping Boomerang. Check them out and see if you can edit them to make a longer video.

You can take the help of various tools available to create your long videos from shorter ones.

7. Create Twitter trailers

On Twitter, you can upload a 140 seconds long video. Short snippets from a long video can be posted on Twitter as a teaser along with text overlays.

These video trailers should have links to the original YouTube or Facebook for the users. The video teasers and trailers posted on Twitter tend to draw in more audience than the actual video.

8. Make a blooper series or behind the scenes

Who doesn’t like behind the scenes or blooper videos towards the end of a video! Usually, these come with the credit rolls giving out information on the people working on the project.

Bloopers and behind the scenes are interesting and funny. This keeps viewers watching it till the end. The videos also give scope for the actual situations to come out and let audiences know about the backstage people.

9. Create a Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram story

You can tease your Instagram or Snapchat viewers with the snippets of a long video. You can crop the video into a portrait or cut it into 15 seconds video.

Then upload it one by one on your story. Stories are in trend now and short videos placed within social media will attract the audience more than a long video on the feed.

10. Repurpose your videos to make images

Usually, the videos that you use for marketing are shot within a time frame of 30 seconds. Thus you will be able to extract many pictures or images from these videos.

You can use these images on your social media channels. This can give your website additional lead.

11. Update your video content

In order to keep it relevant, some video content has to be updated from time to time. You can update logos, product shots, etc. product shots have to be altered because it keeps changing all the time.

In case it’s a research video, rather than scrapping it completely, you need to update your statistics continually. If it’s a video where the information has to be updated, you can add the information at the start or end of the video.

How do you repurpose your videos?

The ability to repurpose your videos and their content helps in using your video marketing budget in an effective manner. You should find out the best performing content and repurpose it in different ways to gain organic traffic.

About the author

SagarSagar Mandan is HR and Writer at techssocial.net . He has been blogging from past 5 years and contributing to different blogs online. He can be connected on social media like LinkedIn.

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