3 ways to boost your school website traffic in 2020

school website traffic

This is a guest post.

When working on your school website and online presence, your aim is to make sure you generate as much traffic as possible.

However, this should not be any old traffic, this needs to be people who are interested in whatever your school provides.

Time to consider which approaches can be used by your Nottingham web design agency to improve your school website traffic throughout 2020.

1. Incorporate video into your school website design

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine and a third of all online activity is spent watching video content. And video is one of the best ways to engage with your audience.

Video marketing is a great method to promote your brand, so how can web design agencies help you get your school’s video marketing noticed?

Several factors differentiate between being a most-watched or unwatched video. You need video content which is both useful and relates with your target consumers.

You will need a digital agency to get your video seen by the greatest number of potential viewers. One which is experienced in distributive marketing campaigns and understand why people watch and engage with content.

Don’t opt for paid for marketing

If you opt for a paid marketing campaign, paying for views you can easily and relatively cheaply manipulate the number of views your video gets. However, these paid-for views count for little if anything.

These neither measure popularity and can undermine overall viewing figures and engagement rates. However, since shares are not paid for, these are far more indicative of content popularity and consumer engagement.

The most important factors relating to content, audience and engagement rate differ from platform to platform. This also includes the best day and time to publish content.

Facebook video has a much shorter engagement period than YouTube content, as people tend to scroll rather than watch. However, Facebook gets quicker engagement than YouTube.

2. Optimise your school website for mobile use

Responsive web design automatically adapts to the screen size of whichever device it is being seen on. This makes it easier for visitors to view your marketing and information, as there is no need to resize the content and pages.

This is important because about 60% of people choose to use their phones and tablets to shop online and this continues to rise. If your site is not optimised to function easily on a small screen, then fewer people will buy from you.

If your website is difficult to navigate on a mobile device, they will either never get beyond the first page, or will abandon their registration rather than going through with the next step.

Another important factor is speed: mobile users are always in a hurry. They want a website which loads fluidly, quickly and effectively. Good web design takes this into account too.

A responsive school website is a must

It is essential for your school website to be responsive if you want to convert visitors and retain their ongoing loyalty. The web design company you choose needs to understand these benefits, and has the experience of optimising sites for mobile devices.

Usually how your school website visitors find you is through a search engine. They know what they are looking for, but don’t necessarily know where to find it.

If your school website appears on the first two pages of Google’s search results, this increases the chances of its content being viewed. Google knows mobile usage is a key audience and therefore rewards mobile responsiveness over sites which fail to adapt.

So fully optimising your website for mobile platforms can increase your potential audience.

Shifting to this type of design can also save you money. This prevents you having to maintain two separate websites for desktop and mobile. Responsive design ensures you only have one to look after.

3. Work with a web designer who understands the online education landscape

Web design companies are very popular, so it’s easy to find any number of start-up web design and development businesses. This makes it harder to determine which company is best for building or redesigning your school website.

Avoid going with the cheapest option available. This is guaranteed to be a disaster, meaning you’ll have to spend even more money getting proper web design experts to clear up the mess.

Good website design is worth the investment. It helps to reinforce branding messages your school is trying to develop. It also reveals the quality of your operation. A school website which looks bad is hardly going to generate revenue or leads.

As well as expecting the web design company to offer portfolio examples and client testimonials, make sure they have experience in education. If this isn’t readily available, this is a sign you should move on.

It’s important to ask the right questions to a potential web developer or designer. What kind of trends do they foresee in web design? How do they tackle responsive design?

What kind of features can the designer handle? Do they have online marketing and lead generation experience? A good web design company would be able to find out about your business goals and suggest solutions to deliver on them.

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