Effective strategies for selecting the best topics for your blog

selecting the best topics

A guest post by Barbara Mitchell. 

Building your blog into a success requires plenty of time, commitment and knowledge.

Based on the target audience and your writing abilities, you need to aim your content toward reaching all of your blogging goals. Therefore selecting the best topics is much more important than you have probably imagined, since the topic is the very first thing readers see when they read your content.

To help you with this, we made a list of some highly effective strategies that will help you in selecting the best topics.

1.  Aim for relevancy

Relevancy is not just a concept. In fact, it is not even a new addition to your blogging strategy. The need for relevancy is so high, it should be your biggest priority.

What is relevancy, really and how does it fit into a content marketing strategy?

Relevancy should be focused on the specific audience you have chosen for your blog. This is probably one of the first steps need to take to make your content a success. Even with the best target audience in the world, all of this would go to waste unless the content you write it totally relevant to them.

The more focused your niche is, the better you can develop its relevancy. Every topic you choose to write must fit this niche and be relevant for the reader. Otherwise you’d just be wasting their time and not achieving anything.

2.  ‘Borrow’ from others

I’ve put the accent on ‘borrow’. You are not allowed to actually steal content from other blogs, but what about ideas? If you take a peek at the most popular blogs in your niche, you will see that there is plenty to learn from them about selecting the best topics.

If you cannot come up with an idea of your own, use other blogs for motivation. Simply see what they are doing, follow their example, and tweak their topics for originality.

3.  Leverage good tools for selecting the best topics

Fortunately, marketers nowadays have a lot of help without asking or waiting for it. Online content tools can help boost your chances at selecting the best topics. For example, tools like BuzzSumo can aid you in identifying the topics that are trending among your target audience and are relevant to your blog’s niche.

This tool will help you see the number of social shares, ratings and much more information regarding what is covered, who wrote it and when it was posted. This is where the previous tip comes very handy – use quality and successful topics to make your own!

Another tool you can use for this purpose is Alltop. It will give you access to many popular topics.

4.  Selecting the best topics you are passionate about

It’s important to post often to create a successful and followed blog. This means that you will have to always keep the content fresh and think of new topics to write about.

If you select a topic based on the fact that it is popular, but do not really enjoy writing about it, this will quickly become a torture for you. You will lose motivation and your content will diminish than what you can actually achieve.

Therefore, a tip for selecting the best topics is to choose one for yourself. You will surely find great topics in your chosen niche, so find the ones you are passionate about.

5.  Selecting a researchable topic

This rule applies to every piece of writing you will have to do. If you want it to be relevant and interesting, make sure that it is researchable. If you are unable to find much information about the topic, your blog posts will appear half-empty and vague.

Have you noticed how successful blogs remain the top reading choices for weeks, even months?

One of the best tips for selecting the best topics is choosing those that stimulate you to write meaningful content. Your readers will then enjoy reading and discussing it, especially if you include events and news that maintain its interest for a long time afterwards.

Selecting the best topics for your blog is just the beginning, but it is an important part of the process. This is what grabs the reader’s attention and makes them want to read until the end of the post.

About the author:

Barbara MitchellCurrently employed at BrillAssignment, Barbara Mitchell has a unique approach toward building a blog audience. By focusing primarily on content, her insights are some of the most valuable and helpful SEO tricks you can find online.

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