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A guest post by Harsh Nankani. 

Blogging gives you plenty of space for creativity. You can venture along various routes, such as storytelling, content and distribution methods, to make your blog more beneficial to your company.

This is often a major reason why several eCommerce websites struggle with blogging. Just publishing some posts every month will not be sufficient to bring enough customer traffic to the website to sell online products. You need a strategy before getting your blog to this specific point.

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Content marketing is the 21st century’s gold rush. You can add blogs to an online store, in order to keep your customers updated about the products or business. Blog posts can drive customer traffic via these methods:

  • Boosting consumer engagement
  • Improving the SEO of your store
  • Allowing you narrate stories which transform visitors into customers

As per Hubspot, those companies who published more than 16 posts monthly averaged approximately 3.5 times more organic traffic compared to those who posted 4 times in a month.

Want to know how you can sell online products through the blog section of your website?

Have a look at these 6 tactics:

1. Create the right content for the right audience

Your blog’s focus is to balance the accessibility of a range of audience categories, while still being relevant.

For instance, freelance writers tend to write about ‘how to become a freelance writer’. Although this content might appeal to budding freelancers, it won’t attract a lot of clients.

However, the blog of a freelance writer that discusses the developments in healthcare and the MedTech market will attract particular readers who might be interested in hiring them.

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The best way your blog which sells online products maintains an accurate focus is to develop the persona for your ideal customer.

What is the age, gender, income level, interests, worries and hobbies of this person? And then remember to focus the content around their needs. What do they look for on the Internet? What subjects do they like to read?

Once you’ve started to understand your target audience, writing more relevant content becomes a lot easier.

2. Write eye-catching headlines to sell online products

Focusing on your post’s headline is one of the most relevant eCommerce content marketing tips.

It is the headline which is revealed in search results. This impacts on your site’s ranking as well as capturing the attention of the target audience.

Insert powerful emotive words in the headline to attracts readers, such as skyrocket, mind-blowing, wondrous, devastating, explosive, and triumph. But be careful not to overdo making your post stimulating or appealing, or else your article will look spammy to both readers and search engines.

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Selling products online via content marketing success means breaking down conventional thinking.  If you want people to read your articles, talk about them and share them, you have to think outside of the box. View things differently, allow people to disagree with you, say what others least expect, as well as challenge the status quo.

3. Keep up with the current trends and news

Get to know what’s happening regionally, locally, globally and nationally. Keep up with significant news to generate an informative piece of content.

Keep track of trends and news within your particular industry. Evaluate the competition. Subscribe to the industry newsletters as well as attend events. If your competitor is having success with a particular method, also start using it.

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One of the most impressive examples to look for is the website Through its lifestyle and religious blogs on Christian shirts and jewellery, it has been successful in broadening its customer traffic.

It is the premium-quality content on their website which attracts a lot of customers. You can do this by always remembering to keep a finger on the pulse.

If you sold ice or manufactured buckets, use this marketing ploy within your content strategy. Even if your website sells goggles and bathing suits, you can get innovative.

4. Finish with an invaluable call to action

Focus on providing your customers with more value. If your reader is aiming to get back in shape, offer him a healthy recipe compilation or free workout calendar.

sell online products

When a blog is well written, readers will come across your content to solve a particular issue. Ideally, the blog post offers them exactly what they require to take them further step in their customer journey.

Once somebody subscribes to your blog’s newsletter, use a CRM tool to track this conversation through monitoring tools, products and content which appeals to them the most.

In a recent survey, 86% of the companies stated that content marketing, including blogging, guided them to reach their brand awareness goals.

5. Look for the guest bloggers to create content for you

Are you worried about not having the skills or time to directly produce your content? Research into writers who would do it for you.

Offer opportunities for guests to blog on your website. If you do open up to guest bloggers, you could end up rejecting most of those who pitch to you. But it’s worth it even if you end up with a few good posts written by quality writers.

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How do you look for guest bloggers? Create a guest post page on your blog to display information about guest posting. Alternatively proactively reach out to people you know are powerful writers who might be interested in guest posting. You can also look on competitor sites which provide guest posts for suitable writers.

6. Solve an issue instead to directly sell online products

Once more people see your products as a necessity, you won’t have to keep persuading them to buy. If people are not confident about you solving their concerns, then you will need to continue selling your product.

How do you do this? Well, a significant content marketing tip is to aim at resolving issues rather than attempting to sell the product.

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Make the blog the central focus on individual issues you know your company can solve. Then people will not only read your content, they will begin to see you as the go-to professional.

Once people relate to you as a thought leader in your expertise, then you can start to sell online products. This means they will be a lot more interested in buying.

Once you’ve understood where content marketing fits into the sales funnel of your website, create explicit CTAs based on your customer personas. Ensure your entire content marketing strategy is aimed at solving your customers’ problems.

Remember the main agenda of your content is to motivate both existing customers and prospective audiences. There are a lot of eCommerce brands in the market utilising the power of content for inspiring audiences, building their brands, and boosting the search results. If they can do it, why can’t you?

After all, for gaining dominance in your niche, content is the ultimate king of you want to be successful selling online products.

About the author:

Harsh NankaniHarsh Nankani is a Digital Marketer at Activant Solutions. He mostly focuses on content marketing. He believes that the prospects of any business should get something without paying anything. Apart from being a digital marketer, he likes to study business trends, technology, current affairs and scrolling through social media. He is also involved in Philanthropic activities.

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