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A guest post by Wesely Jasmin.  

The more customers you get, the more money you make. But how do you get more customers?

You need to use SEO tools to boost the online version of your business. Since anyone can create web content today, businesses must take all possible measures to stand out online.

These are some of the best SEO tools which can be used by small businesses and can help you achieve better rankings in search engines. It goes without saying an engaging and successful SEO strategy is one of the most crucial components of any smart digital marketing campaign.

It could be difficult to come up with, produce, and evaluate all of the various kinds of content you will need to keep your audience interested in today’s fast-paced environment. Despite this, a lot of businesses and digital marketers struggle to develop and execute marketing strategies which engage and fascinate their target markets.

Fortunately, there are several SEO tools online that can assist you in building a reputation for yourself online.

The 6 best SEO tools small businesses can use are:

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a software suite which combines link building, keyword research, competitor’s analysis, rank tracking and site auditing. It is an excellent tool for coming up with keyword suggestions and determining whether you can rank a good position for them.

Site Explorer, a feature of the website, displays the top organic keywords for every site and provides an estimate of the volume of traffic the website gets for each search term. Additionally, you may learn which content and backlinks are most beneficial for a particular website.

Ahrefs is a fantastic all-around tool which ensures your content is effective and you are aware of the main weaknesses of your competitors, so you can adjust your strategy.

These Are Some Of Ahrefs’ Main Characteristics:

  • Conduct Browser Keyword Research
  • Data on ‘clicks’ accessible
  • Estimates of total search traffic
  • Determine which subfolders are the most popular based on traffic
  • Videos
  • Keyword Click Distributions
  • Thumbnails
  • Research the SERPs’ Past
  • Sitelinks
  • Content gaps and review the list of previous rankings
  • Tweets box
  • Remember to keep a watch on your outgoing links
  • Shopping results
  • Content Explorer is a tool that can assist you in locating possible link partners
  • Featured snippet
  • Receive notifications about keyword rankings
  • “People also ask”
  • Look at your internal links
  • Leading stories
  • Top Link Inventory that is based on the market
  • Image pack
  • Content Explore Aid to come up with new content ideas
  • Adwords bottom
  • Options such as “Site Audit”
  • Top Ad Adwords
  • Efficient and precise
  • Knowledge card
  • Up to date addition of new features and improvements on previous tools
  • Knowledge panel


In this era of quick technological change, we are fortunate to have access to tools and services which enable us to produce content which is more accurate and practical. This free notepad online has the most convincing proof for this statement.

  • More than just keeping text notes, a free, straightforward, and user-friendly text editor notepad is available online
  • You may create both simple and elaborate text and thoroughly format it with the free online notepad
  • It contains a variety of intelligent characteristics that make using it as seamless as possible for the customer
  • The tool’s excellent user interface (UI) is simple and vibrant, standing out from the competitors without being clumsy or uninteresting (User Interface)
  • Here are some of its best attributes

The following include these features:

  • Easy And Simple UI – the user interface of Notepad is straightforward, colourful, and simple
  • Plain Text Mode – plain Text Mode just shows plain text with no options for formatting
  • Rich Text Mode – Rich Text Mode allows for advanced text formatting
  • Task List– the Task List gives the user a straightforward writing pad to list tasks, check them off as they are finished, and rearrange the order as needed
  • Text Sizes – there are various text sizes to choose from
  • Various Text Fonts – 15 different colour options for the fonts
  • Coloured Fonts – 15 various font colour choices
  • Font Background Colours – 15 possible font background colours
  • Text Alignment – this helps get text in order
  • Link Insertion – the user can quickly add any link to the notes
  • Different Heading Sizes – select one of three headings options
  • Insertable Images And Tables – inserting tables and images of various sizes is possible
  • Number/Bullet List – bullet points are used to organise text
  • Lock Notes – to prevent any unauthorised access, notes can easily be locked
  • Pdf, Word, Docx, and Txt Format Support – standard note formats are simple to import and download

3. Google Analytics

After using the tools listed above you may not be able to simply wait for the results! The digital marketing industry is heavily reliant on trial and error, and progress is impossible without it.

At this point, you must carefully evaluate the outcomes of your digital marketing initiative. The most successful companies monitor and evaluate their strategies, as well as determine whether their content is useful. This stage is critical because analytics help you improve your content and Digital Marketing methods while also informing you of the success of your content.

Google Analytics, for example, may offer a variety of analytics. At its most basic level, Google Analytics can tell you who is visiting your site, where they are coming from, what device or search engine they are using, what gender they are and how long they stay on each page.

After this, you can evaluate each segment of user interaction by measuring interactions, making an eCommerce system that works well, and keeping an eye on everything which happens on your site.

Following are the features Google Analytics provides:

  • Dashboards, scorecards, and motion charts are all connected to tools for visualising and keeping track of data which show how data changes over time
  • Analysis of funnels, manipulation of data and data filtering
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) for data collection
  • Anomaly recognition, predictive analytics and data intelligence
  • Like conversions, segmentation is used for subset analysis
  • Advertising, acquisition, audience behaviour and conversion reports can all be customised
  • Communication and email sharing
  • Compatible with other Google Ads, Google Data Studio, Sales force Marketing Cloud, Google AdSense, Google Optimise 360, Google Search Ads 360, Google Display & Video 360, Google Ad Manager and Google Search Console products

4. Canva

Canva, an online graphic design and publishing tool, was established in 2013 with the intention of enabling everyone to design anything and publish it anywhere. It offers a drag-and-drop interface and a library with hundreds of thousands of images, fonts, graphics, and other components.

Layouts and graphics for print and digital media can also be made using Canva. It offers a very user-friendly user interface (UI) that is appropriate for both professionals and students.

You may either use Canva Pro to handle brand assets, make comments, get approvals, and scale your visual content, among many other things or you can invite people to collaborate with you while editing.

5. Unbounce

For businesses looking to create appealing, useful landing pages that convert, Unbounce is a one-stop-shop.

The best thing about it is that you will not need to hire a developer.

You can create high-converting landing pages with this straightforward page builder without writing a single line of code.

On the platform, there is a drag-and-drop builder with ready-to-use templates.

It recently unveiled the conversion intelligent platform, an AI-powered tool for swiftly and efficiently creates high-converting marketing campaigns.

You can quickly optimise campaigns with the Unbounce Conversion IntelligenceTM Platform to maximise the number of individuals who take action.

6. Yoast

Yoast is a well-known SEO tool for website owners, bloggers, and content marketers.

By examining the readability of your content, adding metadata, and making sure that your URLs are clear and legible, the Yoast SEO plugin assists you in optimising your pages to get better rankings in the search engines.

Yoast offers a variety of choices to get you started, making it ideal for both novice and experienced users. Their feature-rich capabilities let you build a fantastic user experience while assisting you in raising your search engine results.

The SEO plugin for WordPress with the most downloads and usage is Yoast. Anyone who wishes to improve their content for search engines must have this tool. It should be used by all webmasters and online marketers.

What makes Yoast one of the most effective Digital Marketing tools? It is simple to use. Yoast offers straightforward directions on how to swiftly optimise your website for search engines, regardless of whether you are a newbie or advanced user.

It provides numerous alternatives, including other choices within the plugin are available to you and might assist you in getting started.

You can select from options like Google XML sitemaps, which enables websites to submit their content to Google, social media integration, which includes the addition of social sharing buttons to each post, focus keywords, which enables users to include keywords in their posts, breadcrumbs, which shows breadcrumbs on each page, etc.

It makes it simple for you to determine whether your website has any problems that might be harming its rankings and help you solve them.

It assists you in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social media post and content optimisation. Additionally, it aids in the creation of better content, making it simple for you to view what Google sees, and aids in maintaining compliance with Google’s rules.

Are you using these SEO tools?

In conclusion, the top 6 SEO tools that are used in small businesses are Ahrefs,, Google analytics, Canva, Unbounce and Yoast. A combination of free and paid tools should be included in a digital marketer’s toolkit.

There are several free marketing tools available which could aid your marketing efforts if you don’t have the funds to hire a professional digital marketing agency. Even if there are other digital marketing tools, any marketer’s arsenal should contain these six SEO tools. These tools help businesses improve their productivity, overcome challenges and create stronger, more engaging content.

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