4 ways to get more people sharing your content on social media

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A guest post by Natalie Crawford. 

Social media is an incredible place to engage, perfect to encourage sharing your content.

Your content has the ability to quickly go viral and provide much-needed exposure. A freelance technical writer will help you produce content that turns viral on social media. People will share the information naturally and therefore boost the image of your brand.

Social media is highly competitive. It is also extremely fluid, so that information which was relevant yesterday, will be swept off the charts in minutes today.

Therefore a digital marketing expert must devise a way of keeping the content fresh and turning it viral in the shortest time possible. The answer lies in understanding why people are sharing your content in social media posts and how to compel followers to share them.

1. Develop interesting content

Social media followers share only the most interesting posts. The idea behind sharing your content is to express recognition and also enjoin their friends in the fun of this post.

Unless a post is interesting, no one will press the share button. There will be no reason to engage your friends or followers on content that does not add any value.

Interesting content does not translate into comedy. Comedy is exciting and often used for commercial advertising on social media and mainstream platforms.

However, the use of comedy may cause the weight of the message to be lost. There are tricks used by comedians in advertising and passing weighty commercial messages. This approach is still viable, but it must not stretch beyond the reasonable limit.

Compelling content can also be educative, inspiring, factual, and well-researched. An inspiring story will spread fast by sharing your content across the world.

A fantastic act like acrobatics or generous support will also be shared quickly on social media. As long as the message has a lesson for the viewer, sharing becomes automatic.

2. Engaging content is always easy to share

What goes on in the mind of a reader or viewer when sharing your content?

Some clips, images, and graphics cause people to exclaim or engage in monologues because they are engaging. Creating engaging content on social media is one of the ways to make it easy to share.

The person who sees a video of a magician wants to share this with his friends because the act is jogging his or her mind. Such engagement makes interacting with the content fun and worth sharing.

Images are also engaging to use when communicating on social media. Get a follower to press particular areas, tilt the picture, bring it closer, and such other actions.

Text is even easier to engage because you can ask questions and pose puzzles for readers to answer. It can get boring to read through volumes of text without having to take any action.

Let the reader or consumer of information participate in unveiling the magic. He or she will want to involve friends through sharing your content. Such engagement causes the post to go viral.

3. Open your platform to the public

Social media provides options to filter the people who see your content and interact with it.

The settings on your social media platform will determine how many people interact with your content. You may opt to allow a limited number to view your content.

Such settings limit the number of people who can share your post. Most social media platforms have the option of allowing the public to view a post. ‘Public’ view is the best setting if you are looking to make your update go viral.

Other settings affect the level of engagement people have with your social media post. The primary forms of engagement are liking and commenting, which are usually the first reactions before a person can share. If a person cannot ‘like’ or ‘comment,’ the chances of sharing are limited.

While the focus is on sharing, it is worth noting that the ‘share’ button must be activated to allow friends and visitors to start sharing your content. A platform that does not allow sharing will be unproductive if you want the content shared.

4. Be trendy when developing content

Align your content with the trending discussion at the moment.

Trending topics attract a lot of attention and will easily be shared. Social media is high on trending topics for the moment.

Ride the wave by engaging your followers and audience on the trending discussions. A lot of followers will catch the hint and ride with you.

However, social media is not a place where permanent content appears. The algorithms used to display fresh updates on social media dictate that a post will fall down the order of importance based on posting duration. Old posts will not appear on news feeds. Unless you make a fresh update, your content will gradually decline in the order of priority.

Try including a hashtag on your content. Social media algorithms pick hashtags when generating news feeds. An update without the trending keywords or hashtag will be missed out from the feeds.

Algorithms also capture the level of activity on a post. Posts that are ‘liked,’ ‘shared’ and ‘commented on’ will always appear at the top, because they are the most popular.

Such popularity means that more people will see the information you have posted and, therefore, share it further. Since more people contribute to the trendy topics, find a way of aligning your content to trending topics to ride on the wave.

How to encourage more people in sharing your content

Hire a freelance technical writer to develop content that can go viral and boost your publicity. The writers have worked on other campaigns in the past and will be sharing their experience as well as expertise with you.

It’s not worth struggling when writing articles or essays when you can hire a professional to produce the best quality.

What is your take on getting people sharing your content? Let us know your point of view in the comment box below…

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