Should your posts have a personality?

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re blogging for pleasure or business, it is how you communicate with your readers that will determine your blog’s success.

How your posts are written may depend on the niche, subject matter or industry you have chosen, but you should not lose sight that a blog is not merely an online diary, or somewhere to write articles to get them published on the web, for more people to read your work and to expand your online presence.

Unfortunately that kind of stuff is incredibly dull. For me a blog should not be boring, it should be somewhere to inspire your readership, cultivate your knowledge, practise your passion, explore your expertise, strive to succeed as ‘the’ thought-leader in your chosen subject – and all this hard work will show up in your posts, making them readable and more likely to be shared.

And sharing is important! A blog should resemble a community, or the ‘hub’ of your business, somewhere for you and your readers, followers and subscribers to communicate. It doesn’t matter whether they are potential customers or not, who knows what influential person may read your posts and share them amongst his colleagues? And remember ‘every’ reader is equally important, not to mention valuable, so make sure your posts reach out to everyone who visits your blog.

Ideally you should be ‘talking’ to your audience through your posts. For me, ‘talking’ is the operative word, as good and readable posts are ones that ‘communicate’ with their readers, rather than preaching to them. When I write my posts I try to make it as if I am holding a conversation with my readers, with me desperately trying to type it down fast enough before it disappears into the ether…

And this ‘hub’, this ‘community’ your blog is trying to emulate, make it so that anybody who is interested can visit to read what’s on offer, and can feel free to participate. It’s the commenting on the latest post or adding their pennyworth to an existing discussion that makes a blog come alive! Cultivate these conversations by putting in a personality into your posts; make them encouraging, informative, friendly and accommodating  – and add in a leading question or call to action to prompt a response too!

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