Simple SEO tips that help increase traffic to your blog

simple SEO tips

A guest post by Jamie Bell. 

SEO need not be complicated. Once you get to understand it better, implementing these simple SEO tips can make a big difference to your blog or website. This post shows you how you can use it to generate more traffic and visitors back to your blog.

Increase backlinks and referral traffic with guest posting

A guest post is a piece of content you have written to get published on another website. Many bloggers use this is strategy to raise awareness of their blog on websites relevant to their own.

Including your website’s link in your biography is a well known SEO ranking factor. However, it’s a good idea to focus on websites with a high Domain Authority. Read this post to find out if your chosen host website is worth creating a guest post for.

You can also get referral traffic to your website through guest posting. Readers who enjoy your post will click through to find out more about what you have to say.

Identify and remove bad backlinks

Try to avoid getting poor quality or spammy links back to your website. These links will cause your site to rank poorly on search engines.

This is a common problem for blogs in popular niches, as competing blogs participate in what is known as “negative SEO”. This is when someone purposely sends bad links to a website to reduce their search engine rankings.

So how do you identify and remove these bad links? You can use a free backlink analysis tool, such as MOZ Open Site Explorer, to view all links pointing to your site. Simply type your website’s URL into the search bar and it will find your backlinks.

Inbound links

Bad links are generally from niches such as gambling, sex and drugs. Another way to spot bad links is through the anchor text, which you can find under “link anchor text” on the open site explorer (see above).

You need to look for any anchor text which is not relevant to your website. For example, if you’re a lifestyle blogger, anchor text saying “buy medicine online” is very likely to be a bad link.

Another way to find bad links is to manually review every link pointing to your site. If you find irrelevant sites with unjustifiable links, then they are bad links. If you want to do something about this, read this post on removing bad links.

Create content on your blog that answers a question

Many bloggers write content that fails to help the reader. Therefore to increase traffic to your blog your content needs to answer a question.

People use search engines to find solutions to problems, and answering their questions within your content will help increase traffic to your website.

A good source for these questions are from your readers, or your connections on social media. Take note of what others are talking about, and use this information in your next post.

Optimise your titles and headings

It’s a very common mistake for bloggers to forget to optimise their site’s content. This plays an important part in letting search engines know what you’re blog post is all about.

You need to include your targeted keywords in the title and headings to increase your ranking. Also add the keywords to the first paragraph, in the alt tags behind your images and in the SEO title and meta description.

The best way to optimise your posts is by uploading Yoast, an SEO plugin, to your blog. This will give you guidelines as to what to do.

Encourage readers to link to your website

Your readers are an excellent resource for link building. Your audience could easily include bloggers who are happy to share your website by linking to your website.

If you want to encourage readers to do this, suggest at bottom of your blog posts they should share what you write with their followers.

And increase your chances by engaging with them on social media, so they are happy to recommend your post to others.

Simple SEO tips with targeting long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are very specific. This is where the number of searches may be lower, but so is the competition.

This is a great way to increase traffic to your site. It’s much easier to rank for long tail keywords such as “how to improve my blog writing” rather than a shorter keyword like “blog writing”.

You can glean suitable long tail keywords from your readers. This will be beneficial because then you know this is what they will be searching for.

Add an SSL certificate to your website

An SSL certificate allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. This a good way of protecting your audience while on your website. It is one of the simple SEO tips that is a known ranking factor on Google.

An SSL certificate won’t significantly increase your rankings, but it will give you an advantage over websites which don’t have one. The search engines will notice your site much more if it is prefixed by https.

Can you think of any other simple SEO tips?

If you are willing to share your simple SEO tips in the comments below, I’m sure we would all benefit!

About the author:

Jamie BellJamie Bell is an internet marketing specialist and owner of SEO company Keep SEO Simple. He enjoys helping others by sharing his marketing knowledge online, which includes offering simple SEO tips.

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Alice Elliott has been explaining blogging to beginner bloggers for almost two decades, specialising in using ordinary, everyday language to make the process as simple as possible so that anybody can understand.
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  • Top notch piece. So useful and valuable! I still see a lot of posts on Pinterest promoting old methods, but what you say makes sense, these methods are so outdated. Blogging is so overwhelming. I got almost 300 page views one day and then 50 the next and I have no idea why. It’s so hard to tell what I need to do. But it’s true, I definitely need to offer something with my subscriptions.

    • Hi Blossom, thanks so much for commenting. Page views will go up and down, depending upon the quality of what you’ve posted, or whether the subject relates to your readers. If you’ve optimised your blog correctly, the search engines will also have an impact on what is seen and when, depending upon the search trends at the time of your posting.

  • William says:

    Thanks Jamie for sharing this. Simple and easy-to-apply. I really need this for my business.

    • Thank you Jamie for commenting. In fact commenting will also help with your SEO, as it provides relevant and respectable links back to your website, giving it more credibility and visibility.

  • Kelly Mahan says:

    All great tips! These are things you should always do if you have a blog, it should become a routine 😉

    • Thank you Kelly for your comment. Yes, it certainly will help your website or blog if you can consider applying SEO tactics to your submissions and contributions whenever you update it.

  • Stalin says:

    Very precise post indeed.

    It’s really true that guest posting is one of the best method to get quality backlinks to your website. I liked all the points which you have described.

    Thank you Jamie for this valuable information.

  • AlbertDavid says:

    “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the set of best practices that will get your website to rank higher on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) which results in more traffic to your company. These include technical aspects of your website as well as the quality of the content your produce.
    Informative post. Thanks!”

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