How to become a more social blogger

how to become a more social blogger

A guest post by Beverly Lizotte.

Stand up and be heard!

That is what we naturally say when we are trying to draw attention something. In this age of blogging and social media, you need to become more of a social blogger as trying to rise above the competition is really tough.

How many ardent thoughts or spectacular ideas we have, this will not guarantee success. In reality we are just a small voice in a vast array of social media bloggers. You could even say some experts are also facing this dilemma. If this is the case, then beginner bloggers will find this a much more of a challenging prospect.

If you are new to blogging, here are some tips that could help you:

In-depth planning

You don’t just wake up one day and tell yourself that you are going to create a blog. This requires a lot of careful forward planning. At least you will have to ask yourself these questions:

  • What are my interests? (And will they be interesting to others?)
  • What do I want to tell the world? (And is it worth hearing?)
  • How do I want to be seen or heard? (eg how do I want to come across to my readers?)

Write down at least five points of interest and prioritise them accordingly to give you a sense of direction. If it seems that ‘travel’ is at the top of your list, now you can establish your objectives towards becoming a social blogger. What sort of travel do I want to convey? Is this to make money or just to share my passion? Maybe I just want to encourage people to find out the importance of travel?

Squeeze out your creative juices 

You need creativity to attract your audience’s attention and stimulate their interests. For example, it is important to focus on catchy words and use relevant graphics that are strong and colourful.

Start with the post’s title. The title’s function is to introduce the subject of your content. It needs to be inviting enough to gain the attention of your readers. And ideally it should be no more than 10 words long.

Your title’s purpose is to form a suitable impression on your audience. How good it is will determine whether your post is read or not. Sometimes it is the difference between successfully capturing a large number of viewers, or driving them away to another blog.

If you want to more success as a social blogger, it is important to keep practising your blog titles by writing lots of versions. It’s not practical to keep repeating the same kind of title every time. Search out different types of titles that could suit your chosen subject if you want to keep your readers engaged.

Picture perfect! All your images should be relevant to your subject. They need to represent exactly what you are writing about in your content. Otherwise you could end up deceiving your audience.

You don’t have to invest in a good camera, a smart phone will do perfectly well. However, apart from capturing the moment, you need to consider the quality of the composition and the depth of the colour in your pictures if you are to produce a satisfactory impression.

Build stronger connections

Although it’s important to focus on gaining a suitable audience for your blog, it is also imperative you should continue to connect with your readers to maintain their loyalty. This is a practical part of being a social blogger. You could add features to your blog like live chat to personally answer any queries your readers may have. Or another way is to offer relevant and valuable freebies or reward tokens.

For example, your readers could be directed to a questionnaire where the participants could win prizes. If you have a travel blog, you could offer discounts on recommended hotels or holidays. This is how you can add more excitement to your blog.

For beginner bloggers, creating connections will keep your blog alive. A social blogger would ask for comments either on your blog or on social media. Obtaining feedback like this is not just a way of continuing the conversation with your readers, it will give you more ideas on what kind of posts your readers will want to read.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, it’s worth considering these tips to make a big leap towards a successful blog. What have you got to lose by giving it a try?

About the author:

Beverly LizotteBeverly Lizotte is a passionate and competent writer in the field of making excellent blog articles that suits the needs of every business especially when it comes to social media business opportunities. She can increase your marketing campaign and then incorporate Troopsocial marketing strategies.

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