Social media marketing strategy

How to build an effective social media marketing strategy

A guest post by Rio. 

To achieve online business objectives, everyone has to develop a perfect marketing plan.

A good marketing plan includes different aspects such as search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, pay per click campaigns, and social media marketing.

As per the recent trends, the majority of internet users are also using social media platforms and spend lots of time as well. By focusing on these stats, you can say social media is a great source to promote a business and quickly get numerous leads.

You can achieve all these objectives by analysing different aspects and creating a well-structured social media marketing strategy. It can be possible by hiring the SMM experts and following proper procedures. Here, you will get introduced to every single factor regarding SMM and know how it can be effective.

Step by step procedure for a social media marketing strategy

Creating a good social media marketing strategy is not a cakewalk. It requires lots of knowledge and experience. Without having proper knowledge, no one can build a good and effective plan.

Step 1: Set up business objectives

Everyone performs activities and put lots of effort into a particular task to achieve some specific objectives. In case there are no objectives, then you may face issues regarding confidence and some other factors.

Having a specific aim will help you in figuring out how much effort you have to put and what is the right direction to put effort. Some major objectives of running a social media marketing campaign are:

  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness
  • Boost the engagement
  • Build a big audience base
  • Increase website traffic

If you have clarity about these factors, then you can work on building a plan effectively.

Step 2: Audience analytics

All internet users cannot be your target audience. Therefore you have to deal carefully and smartly.

In this particular step you need to be focused on some specific practices by which you can easily identify your target audience and understand things about potential customers.

Conducting a proper target audience research and analytics will help you in getting clarity regarding several elements and get introduced to your audience perfectly.

Mainly the audience is divided on the basis of different categories or groups.

  • Interest of individuals
  • Age groups
  • Region
  • Gender

These are the major ones. If you don’t know everything about your potential buyers, then you are not able to impress them and generate leads.

Having such clarity will assist you in setting up some specific filters while designing and running the advertising campaigns within your social media marketing strategy.

Step 3: Important metrics

When you get complete clarity about the audience, then you have to check out some important metrics. These metrics are going to decide the results of running a campaign and provide several benefits.

Hashtag performance

While working on a social media marketing strategy, you cannot ignore the importance of hashtags. The use of right hashtags on the website will help you in increasing the reach and visibility of your post or advertising campaign.


Increasing post engagement is important for everyone. In case you are not capable of keeping the audience engaged with your creative and impressive ads and posts, then you cannot achieve the objectives.

When it comes to figure out the engagement rate, then you have to divide social interaction with impressions only.


By focusing on the click metric, you are capable of understanding how may users respond to your advertisement and make a click on it.

Click is an important part of your marketing funnel by which you can get the audience to your website easily. If your post or ad does not get lots of clicks, then you have to focus on the improvements and try to make the post more engaging.


Reach metrics will help you in making sure that your post is effective or not. In case your post reach is too low, then you have to review the campaign once again.

While reviewing the campaign, you should try to find out the loopholes or issues. Working on the improvements can help you in making it more effective and getting the maximum benefits.

While creating a social media marketing strategy, you have to keep these metrics in mind and try to prepare a plan accordingly.

Step 4: Inspect competition

When it comes to online marketing, then you have to build plans by taking care of competitors. Before coming up with a solution, you have to make sure that you are going to conduct a proper research and analytics to gather complete information about the competitors.

You should try to analyse the marketing campaigns that are running by competitors. It will help you in understanding what makes them popular among the audience.

Consequently, you can know where you have to work and what things can help you in becoming a superior option for the audience. Try to build a strategy by which you can easily dominate the competitors.

Step 5: Content creation

The success of a marketing strategy highly depends on the content you are going to use. You have to use highly impressive, eye-catching, appealing, creative, and unique content.

Try to add some graphics and attention-grabbing graphics to the images. Visuals are going to get the attention of audience and encourage them to spend a few moments in your advertisement.

If you focus on the content, then you should not consider lengthy and wordy content. You should try to keep the content short, simple, appealing, and rich in detail.

Provide a perfect reason to the audience by which they can know why they should access your ad and proceed further.

Step 6: Timelines

Publishing a post of adverts randomly cannot help you in getting success. For such a thing, you have to get aware of the timelines and the suitable time period when your target audience is online and accessing social media platforms.

In case you miss that particular opportunity then you may not get the desired response. You should run a proper test or campaign by which you can gather such data and information easily.

Step 7: Evaluation

When you are done with all these things, then you have to work on the evaluation of campaigns. A proper campaign evaluation can help you in figuring out, the campaign is delivering the desired results or not.

In case you don’t get the desired results, then you have to find out the negative facts. You should detect all issues as fast as possible and resolve it with help of the perfect solutions.

Conclusion on building a social media marketing strategy

By following such a process, you can easily develop a perfect social media marketing strategy. A good strategy can bring great exposure to your business by boosting the online presence and extending the reach. As a result, you will get lots of leads with higher chances of conversions.

About the author:

RioRio is CEO & founder of Webomaze Pty. Ltd. He believes in serving the IT industry with some unique solutions with a huge variety of services like – Web Design & Development, SEO Melbourne, ECommerce Development, and so on.

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