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A guest post by Hermit Chawla. 

Marketing is essential for any business, organisation or institute to create brand value. This helps towards creating leads for the business and allows the company to improve sales. One effective method is social media marketing.

Social media marketing uses one or several social media accounts to promote the business. The idea is to engage their audience by informing them about various trends, products, services, upcoming events and other information. Social media marketing helps businesses to reach a wider range of audience quickly and effectively.

The main factor associated with social media marketing is not about the number of followers. Instead it is about how you engage with followers and create an impact to turn them into potential clients. The process of browser to the buyer can be tricky, and organisations often use social media marketing services to boost their online presence.

So, are you looking for ways to improve your social media activity? Get more info by reading the subsequent sections:

1. Lucky winner contests

Contests are the best way to improve the engagement of both your current followers and to attract new followers. Regular occurrence of these contests will keep followers hooked to the page.

This can be done through simple contests such as a comment to win, caption the image, new name and other similar contests. Contests are worth experimenting with to attract the attention of potential new followers.

2. Visually promotion and ads

Adding images to your posts will help to attract customers. People often like content shared with a visual impact. This broadcasts your messages subtly rather than forcefully implying them through words.

It is also easier to share image content, and they are easier to understand than reading. Images are also ranked higher than standard texts in algorithm search.

3. Use clips and videos

Videos and small clips attract the attention of viewers. Videos provide the meaning of a product or service through a storyline.

Add clips directly to your platform to help your viewers watch the content directly, rather than opting to add a connecting link.

4. Respond to the online community

Customers approve when their questions are prioritised and given importance. They also expect a reply to these queries immediately by the organisation.

If you have thousands of followers, it can be difficult to reply to every single person. But it is important to make an effort to reply to specific common messages. This helps to build the organisation’s credibility, turns the customers into loyal customers and helps build brand awareness.

5. Get a reason of interest

Improve you social media marketing services by having a social cause attached to your brand. This makes people feel attached to the story of your brand and cultivates empathy towards the organisation and the a cause at the same time.

Use each social media account to its best potential. Such as alerts for certain keywords, notifying people, engaging and much more. Every activity must focus on attracting attention of the users to notice the benefits of your product.

6. Use hashtags

Hashtags are universally to attract customers. Relate your brand with certain hashtags, focusing on common and exciting events where you can easily showcase your brand in a fun way. This will motivate your customers and also provide more details about the brand.

7. Humour is the key to attraction

Use memes and humour to attract your audience. A company which is serious and without fun will eventually be seen as dull and out of place.

Add a fun element to your social media marketing to hook your audience to your message. Relate everything to your product to avoid any unwanted confusion.

8. Never buy fake followers

Social media marketing goes wrong when organisations focus their marketing’s main aim on gaining followers in large numbers. Whereas a business can gain more through organic traffic. A fake audience are only numbers displayed on the page and will not result in any sales.

Robot audiences adversely hamper the performance and make it difficult for organisations to gain details about what works best for the brand. So avoid fake audiences to keep your social media marketing performance natural.

9. Encourage tagging

Interact with your audience and challenge them to tag people. This is a fun way of keeping your followers engaged and reaching more through your current followers. Ask your audience to tag their friends in a challenge or in another fun environment to keep them hooked for longer.

Be careful while using this technique, as it might also gain unwanted followers who have no potential use of your brand. Use this method sparingly and wisely.

Ready to do social media marketing?

So why not try new methods to engage your audience? Showcase your business’s positive points, add benefits to those who have followed you for a long time, and much more.

Getting visibility through social media marketing is one of the best marketing strategies to help improve brand value. These tactics mentioned above will enhance your presence on social media.

About the author

Hermit Chawla Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is  Web Design and Web development Company, helping global businesses to grow. He love to share his thoughts on web development, app development and game development.

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