Which social media platforms work best for your business?

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A guest post by Mike Khorev. 

Past few years, social media has become an inseparable part of a SEO strategy.

The chances of a well-planned and executed social media strategy are quite high. Tweets, comments, like, share, chat, etc. have become a new language of marketing.

Today, for any business, who wants to reach masses and their target customers, should have a presence in social media platforms as a must.

Social media allows businesses, both big and small, to interact with their customers and potential buyers directly. It also allows businesses to get more viewers, exposure, and gain information related to their market and competitors.

Advantages of social media platforms

Social media offers a great opportunity as far as reaching buyers is concerned. The success of your strategy depends on how well you can use these social media platforms.

Having a website has become a basic necessity for all those businesses who are online.  Similarly, having a social media profile is also essential. Maintaining a constant presence and a regular update of your social media profile is also very crucial.

Next comes, selecting the right social media platforms. With so many options available, businesses first need to find the most promising social media channel.

Once identified, focus all your efforts and resources towards that channel. Businesses who have overlooked the importance of social media platforms are missing on a great opportunity to reach their existing and potential buyers.


Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are some of the most popular social media platforms. Every second billions of user login to these sites. They help businesses to increase their visibility and also keep their customers about their products and services.

It also enables businesses to not only interact with their customers directly, but also keep them updated with the company’s vision, new products, future developments, offers, etc. With Instagram, companies can easily engage their customers by uploading videos and photos.

These social media platforms also allow businesses to keep an eye on their competitor’s developments and strategies. Businesses can check what is working for their competitors and can plan new marketing strategies accordingly.

Gaining traffic

Any business who has a website understands the importance of gaining traffic. Traffic signifies the number of people visiting the website.

You can engage with your viewers within your social media profiles and also advertise your website. This allows your existing and potential customers to learn more about the products and services you offer.

In addition, try to communicate with your customers. By answering your viewer’s feedback and comments, you can form a bond with your customers. This also makes your customers feel they are essential, and you value their opinions. This helps to increase the trust factor and hence increase traffic.


In spite of the reach offered by social media platforms, they are less expensive compared to other marketing strategies.

These channels are used without having to pay charges. Businesses need only spend a few minutes a day to bond with their customers and mark their presence in the digital markets. By sharing one post, companies can engage thousands of viewers at a time.

Businesses can either handle their social media account by themselves or hire professionals to look after it for them.

Interacting with your customers

Social media platforms also allow businesses to interact with their customers directly. This personal touch helps to develop trust and also enhances the bond between the customer and the organisation.

These channels provide businesses an opportunity to understand their customer needs and requirements. By asking for opinions and answering queries, businesses can enhance the overall customer’s experience. This increases both the trust factor and the customer’s satisfaction level.

Increased sales

The ultimate aim of any business to increase their sales and earn more profit.

Businesses might have to spend a good amount of money on social media strategy. A good strategy is the one which would result in improving traffic, increasing online presence, increasing the company’s exposure, and finally improving sales.

By answering viewers’ comments and feedback on blogs, photos, videos, etc. companies form a connection with their customers. This connection generates more interest in the customers towards the company, which ultimately results in increased sales.

Reputation management

Maintaining an online reputation is quite a tricky job. Viewers reviews, comments, and feedback matter a lot as far as online reputation is concerned.

One negative review or feedback may result in losing many potential customers. Hence, businesses need to pay an extra effort to have an excellent online reputation. This can be done by keeping a close watch on customer’s feedback, comments, queries, and reviews and try to resolve their concerns and issues.

Answering customer’s queries and clearing rumours would help companies in preventing negative publicity of their business. Also, maintaining a strong social media presence allows businesses to build a good reputation among their customers and potential buyers.

Marketing research

Social media enables people to interact with each other. Companies can use social media tools to conduct various kinds of research.

For example, use polls and surveys to find out customer’s reviews about the product or service. You need to do market research to know about current market trends or the competitor’s strategy. Results of such surveys can be used to bring improvement in current product or to get the idea to launch a new product.

Attracting new customers, conversion of potential customers into buyers, and retaining existing customers are some of the biggest challenges faced by the organisations in this digital world market.

Social media platforms act as an important way to form a bond between the buyer and the seller. So if you haven’t already got a social media presence, start planning your strategy today!

About the author

Mike KhorevMike Khorev is an SEO consultant and digital marketing expert who helps SaaS, Software, IT and Tech companies generate more leads and sales and grow revenue online. He offers expert advice on marketing your company the right way through performance-based digital marketing, web design, social media, search engine marketing and many other online practices.

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