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A guest post by Chris Girling. 

Social media has come so far in such a short space of time. It wasn’t even that long ago when the three major social platforms to share your content were Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Of course, LinkedIn always has been around, but it is now more personal than ever and is no longer just a CV builder and recruitment hub. You see more personal stories and photos on LinkedIn as people try to share the personality behind the names.

Add TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest, and businesses are jumping on all social platforms to make the most of their platform and monetise their content. Below is my research and understanding of which social platforms work best for some niches, looking into engagement, graphics and the amount of content required.

Why Facebook and Instagram work best for Interior Décor

Facebook and Instagram work best for companies which provide interior décor and need to be visual with their brands. For example, companies which promote flooring and other housing essential needs.

During COVID, there was an insane demand for outdoor flooring. We’re talking record sales for artificial grass, vinyl flooring, and composite decking. Artificial grass and decking were evident as people revamped their gardens to make them look incredible. Many people knew they were spending all their time in their gardens.

However, this still meant brands had to advertise and sell their products. And as people were not allowed to head to the shops, they had to buy their artificial grass or vinyl floors online.

Through well-researched hashtags and lovely graphics which reflected well on their products, I was impressed with companies like Flooring Direct and Flooring Superstore were putting out on their social platforms. So much so that I, too, now have an artificial lawn!

I did check to see if these companies had a presence on other social media platforms. There was interest in Pinterest, but other than that, there seemed to be no presence on Twitter or TikTok. Twitter did not surprise me as it is more of a conversational and opinionated platform, but I wonder if companies in the Home and Décor game are missing a trick by not being on TikTok?

Which social platforms help you advertise graphic design products and services?

YouTube is a great way to showcase your talents if you have a visual product. It could help with the previously mentioned Home and Décor products, especially when it comes to fitting and laying flooring.

However, I find YouTube focused on companies trying to showcase visual products in a much wider space. I think more like videos of trade shows or theatres where you can present the artwork from a 360 angle.

Trade shows and exhibitions are making a big comeback in 2022, and the desire for artwork and personalised stands has never been more significant. I found one interesting article that noted a real influx of orders for personalised flooring. I’d never noticed this before, but then I stumbled on YouTube, made my way to this company’s Facebook page, and the next thing I knew, I was reading all about bespoke and custom-printed flooring for trade shows.

It’s weird how social media can take you down these rabbit holes, and you learn something new every day, but this was new, even for me! So, a big shoutout to this company for their YouTube marketing. I’d have never noticed if it had been just a photo.

What niche does LinkedIn work for?

From my experience, I’d say that LinkedIn is great for freelancers and B2B selling. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a company actively retailing on LinkedIn (I stand to be corrected). It is either self-promotion of someone’s achievements or a Sales Manager looking to promote their brand.

I have no issue with either, but I would be interested to see if this is still the case in a couple of years. With the way I see LinkedIn evolving, I can see it becoming a bit more like Facebook in the future.

That is to say, I have found LinkedIn helpful. While making many connections in my time on LinkedIn, I have managed to gain some business while also using services I have seen advertised on the platform. It’s interesting how it has worked out. I’ve also seen some companies offer LinkedIn as an advertising service, highlighting how far it has come.

Any other social platform business?

All in all, I find it intriguing how each social media platform tends to work for different businesses. Twitter is the one which seems to be more for journalists and those looking to share opinions and stories rather than services and products. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much to write about for this social platform.

If you work for a digital marketing agency and offer a social media service, try to increase your visibility using the right social platforms. Do not spread yourself too thin by promoting your posts across the board; it could be wasting time. Instead, be more efficient with your digital marketing processes today.

About the author

Chris GirlingChris Girling is a freelance writer who has written on many subjects over the years. He has a keen interest in Digital Marketing and social media in particular, but can be found offering his SEO services to clients all over the UK. He possesses multiple years of experience in the sector and is always happy to share his thoughts. 

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