10 blogging tips to ensure maximised social shares for your posts

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A guest post by Deborah Wills. 

Blogging is no less than an art, only a few can master. Especially when it comes to professional blogging, things tend to get all the more critical for amateurs.

There are too many upheavals to deal with when it comes to producing blogs which make an impression of excellence and successfully targets the right demographic for maximum social shares.

How to focus on gaining more social shares

Talking of blogging and social shares, it is apparently a challenge every blogger needs to confront and overcome. You cannot make each and every blog socially viral unless the posts comprise these elements.

  • Targeting the right audience
  • Producing engaging content
  • Maintaining consistency while posting
  • Highlighting the pain points
  • Coming up with the right solution
  • Using SEO friendly keywords
  • Composing blogs with maximum readability
  • Avoiding the usage of all forms of fluffs
  • Investing in digital marketing blogs
  • Choosing the right social platform for blogging

So, let’s delve deeper and elaborate further on each of the aforementioned blogging elements which would maximise social shares in the way it is supposed to be.

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1. Target the right audience

First things first, you should know your audience well and target the right readership base to make your blog socially famous across all platforms. Here are some easy suggestions for you to consider in this context.

  • Choose a couple of relevant topics in your blogging niche.
  • Conduct a survey and see if the topics are already familiar amongst your target audience.
  • If yes, then stick to similar slants and try to offer something unique from the same.
  • Focus on offering your target audience something new, especially on a topic they are interested in.

2. Produce engaging content

Unless the content is engaging, you are not going anywhere. Active blogging is all about coming up with engaging content, every single time. Follow these tips and know how to go about this essentiality with perfection.

  • Show instead of simply telling something or stating a concern.
  • Come up with well-demonstrated blogs, ones which contain engaging graphics, hyperlinks, stats and figures.
  • Try to tag famous influencers and bloggers in your content for maximum reposts and social shares.

3. Maintain consistency while posting blogs

This is an important area of concern when it comes to posting blogs with maximum social shares. Check out the suggestions below to know how to maintain absolute consistency in blogging.

  • Stay dedicated to writing at least a couple of blog posts every day, at least 4-5 of them every week.
  • Be consistent with your time. If you usually post blogs in the first hour of the day, then practice doing this regularly instead of skipping a day at work or bringing sudden shifts.
  • Do not disturb your audience at odd hours of the day. Posting a blog late at night and expecting a considerable audience to read it will just not happen.

4. Highlight the pain points

Ask yourself, why would you read a blog in the first place? Why would you invest your valuable time in reading through a chunk of paragraph if it fails to add any value to your concerns? This is where the concept of addressing pain points in blogs gains significance.

Here are some easy hacks to go about this essential step with perfection.

  • Observe the primary concerns stated by most users, consumers or readers in your blogging niche.
  • Conduct a thorough survey and try to figure out the most effective solutions to the problems.
  • Verify the derived solutions across all relevant case studies and real time instances.
  • Write in your blog and talk about the pain points along with a thorough explanation of the solutions.

5. Come up with the “right” solution

Even though I have mentioned how to address the pain points in a blog, merely stating a couple of solutions and leaving the content as it is won’t go anywhere. If you aim to ensure maximum social shares, then your post should be worth sharing.

Here’s how to include relevant and useful solutions in a blog.

  • Know what solutions you can provide.
  • Avoid mentioning the solution and be done with it.
  • Rather, elaborate on the same by explaining why the particular solution will work fine.
  • Include charts, flowcharts and other graphical illustrations to demonstrate the derived solution in the way it should be.

Unless the blog looks attractive and reliable in every aspect, you can never ensure a maximised social share for the content.

6. Use SEO-friendly keywords

No blogging effort will fetch you coveted social recognition across virtual platforms if you fail to use SEO-friendly keywords in it. Unless the blog is ranked well, it will not be visible, and you will miss out on ensuring maximum social shares. Here are some easy tips for you to implement in this context.

  • Conduct thorough research and figure out the trending keywords in your blogging niche.
  • Focus on those which would suit the topic or the industry you will be writing for.
  • Maintain the right keyword density in blog and keep implementing them accordingly.

Gradually you will be able to ensure enhanced visibility for your blogs across all virtual forums, along with standing a chance to maximise social shares.

7. Compose blogs with maximum readability

This is unarguably a critical area of concern when it comes to blogging and ensuring maximum social shares. If the content isn’t readable, no one will take an interest in reading and sharing it.

So, pay heed to these tips in how to make your blog readable.

  • Jot down the key essentials of the blogs in bullet points.
  • Avoid writing big chunks of paragraphs without subsequent paras.
  • Keep sentences short yet informative in every aspect.
  • If you usually post blogs on your own website, the work on the site aesthetics.
  • Keep the background light with good graphical elements.
  • Work on the navigation factor to make the website smooth and seamless.
  • Add social share buttons with each blog post.

Make it easy for readers to go through your blogs and share its content with ease and precision.

8. Avoid using all forms of fluffs

A fluffy blog is of no good. No one is interested in watching you beating around the bush. People want to get some real news, facts, stats and references. So, blogging is not a place for fluffy ideas, redundant slants, repetitive sentences and so forth.

If you want to watch your blogs go places with the maximum social shares, then start keeping things real, relevant and engaging.

9. Invest in digital marketing blogs

Digital marketing sells likes hot cakes. It is the new tomorrow and there’s no denying the fact. So, you will always get an advantage in terms of ensuring increased social shares if you invest in digital marketing blog topics.

Be it Facebook or Tumblr, people all across the social media platforms are mostly interested in exploring what’s new in digital marketing and its latest trends. So, it would be a nice idea to grab this opportunity and let your blog do the talking.

10. Choose the right social platform for blogging

Last and certainly not least, choose the right blogging platform as well as the right social networking sites to have your content noticed and shared. Here are few recommended platforms you can consider for your next blogging endeavour.

  • Weebly
  • org
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Parting thoughts about maximising social shares

Now that you know the ten most effective ways to maximise social shares for your blogs, read through the blog thoroughly again, and embrace the best practice. After all, in blogging, you got to walk an extra mile, put in some genuine effort to stand out from the crowd.

Cheers and good luck!

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Deborah WillsDeborah Wills is an experienced academic writer, working on behalf of the platform Assignmenthelp. He is dedicated to offering cheap and reliable case study help online. The youngsters wondering, “Will my teacher rate my paper well?”, are said to find things favourable on seeking his academic Programming Assignment help. Also, he is an independent blogger and academic counsellor, coming all the way from Chicago, the United States.

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