4 tips how social trends can increase your blog audience

social trends increase blog audience

Guest post by Christa Maxwell. 

If you want to build a loyal blog audience, you will need to know how to maximise the latest social trends in various social media platforms. These tips below will give you a guide.

It’s well known you can boost your blog traffic through various tactics in social media. Platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have become favourite places where people flock together for online activities. This did not go unnoticed by blog owners, paving the revolutionary approach for increasing blog followers by integrating via social media.

If you have been doing this strategy for some time now, but find it hasn’t made a difference, the chances are you might be doing it the wrong way. Now’s the time to review your methods and try to follow these expert-endorsed social trends instead.

1. Be a consistent blogger and social media manager at the same time

If you decide blogging is your career, you have to be ready to give it your all. This means posting essential and relevant posts consistently in different platforms, replying to your followers’ comments, and being prepared to do some quick changes if necessary. Basically you have to learn how to manage your social media accounts at the same time as being a blogger.

This could be a bit stressful at the beginning, especially if you’re still learning the ropes in how to blog, but if your content is high-quality and in line with your followers’ interests, then you have a better chance of increasing your blog’s audience.

2. Be strategically active in social media engagements

Your blog posts will be nothing more but nice content to read if you don’t know how to maximise the latest social trends to create engagements. Your ultimate goal should be to get people to notice and react to your posts. You can also show your appreciation of your followers’ efforts by positively reacting in return to their likes, comments and shares.

Another way to encourage engagements on your posts is to participate in different discussion platforms or forums. Many bloggers try too hard by attempting to start the conversations themselves. However, it’s worth biding your time to wait for the perfect moment. Let your followers guide the discussions and come in only when necessary. Then you can suggest some of your relevant posts to answer any queries that may arise.

3. Get ideas from visitors for your next post

If you are a successful blogger, one of your most prevailing social trends would be to have pre-written blog posts scheduled in advance. While this gives you more time for other activities, this could be the reason why you could be losing some of your followers.

Whenever you join in discussions and read comments, you need to look for hints about what your followers want to read next. Gathering this information ensures your next posts are much more likely to be read. You can even tag your followers if you share your post on the same social media platforms they use. This way you are not only addressing their concerns, but you are starting to build connections with them as well.

4. Showcase more of your content

Once you’ve successfully managed to coax your readers into your blog via posting in social media, now’s your chance to entice them to read more of what else you have written. Strategically list other related articles after your posts which you think might be of interest. This can be accomplished through various plugins if this facility is not available via your theme.

There are lots of other social trends that can be used to lead visitors to your posts, but social media integration is certainly one on the top list. If you have any other tips on how to increase blog audience through social media, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below!

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Christa MaxwellChrista Maxwell is capably competitive in industry content writing that suits the needs of every business. She can spice up your marketing campaign with the necessary content and then incorporate it into Troopsocial services.

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