How to make your blog so attractive it can instantly turn your readers into commenters

Attractive blog that turns your readers into commenters

Have you ever looked with envy at other blogs that seem to get thousands of comments?

And you read the posts and scratch your head in wonderment as to why this writing is proving to be so popular to commenters.

Actually, there’s quite a lot going on behind the scenes in a blog that is successful in gaining comments. This quiz has been designed to give you an insight into this world.

Sprinkle a little bit of commenting magic…

The most important thing to note is, whatever magic formula the blogger has got that attracts so many commenters, they are obviously doing it regularly and to best effect.

If you do this quiz, you could also get hold of a little bit of that magic and start applying it to your blog and your writing.

Remember, this isn’t a quick fix, as nothing in blogging generally is. But what you glean from this quiz can and should be applied with due care and attention, and maybe even form part of your daily writing routine.

Want to turn your readers into commenters?

Having a community of commenters on your blog is a massive boost to your self esteem as a writer. These need to be fed and nurtured to keep them happy and coming back for more.

Taking part in this quiz will reveal to you how your blog shapes up in being attractive to commenters. Why not have a go, and then if you like it, tell your friends to come and try.

Ready to get stuck in? The questions are just below:

  1. 1. You want your blog to become more popular to make it attractive to readers. Do you

  2. 2. You want to attract the right kind of reader to comment on your blog. Do you

  3. 3. You want more readers to regularly return and comment on your blog. Do you

  4. 4. You want your readers to relate to what you write about. Do you

  5. 5. You want your readers to have an affinity with your blog. Do you

  6. 6. You want your readers to enjoy reading your posts so that they are more likely to comment. Do you

  7. 7. You want your readers to understand you better so they feel more comfortable about leaving a comment. Do you

  8. 8. You want to write posts that compel your readers to leave comments. Do you

  9. 9. You want to increase the amount of comments on your blog. Do you

  10. 10. You want to encourage your readers to leave more comments on your blog. Do you

  11. 11. You want to make the process of commenting easier for your readers on your blog. Do you

  12. 12. You want proper comments on your blog that are not spam. Do you

  13. 13. You want to adapt your blog so your content can be read more easily. Do you

  14. 14. You want to channel your readers’ focus towards leaving a comment. Do you

  15. 15. You want to show your appreciation to the readers who do leave a comment. Do you

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