Take this quiz to find out whether you’re good enough to be an expert commenter

Have you got the potential to be a good commenter?

Do you think you are a good commenter? Do you know everything about how to comment on posts?

Although there are blog readers happily commenting away, not all of them are leaving the kind of comments the blog owners would be happy to receive or accept.

This is a shame and a big waste of time, for both concerned. Wouldn’t it be better if everyone wrote good comments?

No need to think very hard

The trouble is, this situation has come about because social media has taken over with real-time responses. This means people now type comments with the minimum of thought. They know it is likely there will be an instant response, so there isn’t a need to be concise, succinct, relevant or respectable.

Quick reactive conversations on social media require virtually no writing skills. Whereas proper blog comments do. They need more staying power to be read retrospectively, knowing that a response will not arrive within the next minute.

A good commenter leaves the kind of feedback that can improve the post without undermining it. Contributions that are constructive and help the blog and its author. A response that continues the quality of the post to entertain other readers.

Still think you’re a good commenter? Take the quiz below to prove it to yourself.

Not sure about commenting?

If you are a little hesitant about your commenting prowess, take the quiz to find out a few tips and tricks about how to become a good commenter.

This quiz is meant to be enjoyed. If you’re a good commenter already, you will see the funny side. In fact I hope you will all be suitably entertained!

If you aren’t, then you will need to take note of what this quiz reveals. It follows a simple pattern which I’m sure you can easily work out.

And once completed, hopefully you’ll have learned how to adjust your thinking about how to comment on a blog. Blog commenting isn’t the same as on social media. It actually requires, and expects, a bit of thought as well as proper writing skills.

This quiz has the potential to help you to become a good commenter. Get started and enjoy what happens. And if you like it, tell your friends so they can have a go as well!

Ready to find out if you’re a good commenter?

Of course you are! Here’s the first question:

  1. 1. When you come across an interesting blog post, do you:

  2. 2. When you’re reading a blog post, do you:

  3. 3. When you first start writing your comment, do you:

  4. 4. When you write the first paragraph of your comment, do you:

  5. 5. When you write the main content of the comment, do you:

  6. 6. If you want to share something in the comment, do you:

  7. 7. If you disagree with the post’s subject, do you:

  8. 8. If what you read in the post makes you angry, do you:

  9. 9. If you have a lot to say in your comment, do you:

  10. 10. When you are writing your comment, do you:

  11. 11. When you’re finishing your comment, do you:

  12. 12. Before you submit your comment, do you:

  13. 13. When you submit your comment, do you:

  14. 14. After you’ve submitted your comment, do you:

  15. 15. If your comment generates more comments, do you:

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