Quiz: Is there really such a thing as being too old to blog?

What kind of slightly older blogger are you?

Of the literally millions of blogs available in the blogosphere, only a few are owned by slightly older bloggers.

I have to be careful when I state the term ‘slightly older blogger’. A lot of writers on the web don’t consider themselves ‘old’, regardless of their age.

And quite rightly so! In fact, how dare you even think of such a thing!

A different breed of blogger

Whether you like it or not, bloggers over a certain age are in a minority. And this is partly to do with technology.

However, this shouldn’t, and doesn’t, undermine our value. More mature writers tend to be much better at what they do. Our blog posts are well written, carefully structured and usually extremely enjoyable to read.

Our outlook on life is different. We are level headed, practical and thought-provoking. We take time in what we produce, and we revel in the result.

Blogging is a work of art. It requires a process, a pattern of procedure. A slightly older blogger would not throw together a post at the last minute without any thought or consideration.

That is looked down upon

Creating a blog can be accomplished in a matter of minutes, especially by someone who is not afraid of technology. Therefore this pursuit is generally achieved by younger web users.

The younger they are, the more intolerant they are of the slightly older blogger. They have got it into their heads that the older generation are incapable of coping with technological advances, and in particular blogging.

They see the slightly older blogger as fusty, fussy and fanatic writers. Their posts are stilted, cumbersome and uninteresting.

Whereas this couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s just that we are actually good at writing, we know how to spell and put a proper sentence together.

It might be the subjects we choose to write about that are deemed as ‘old-fashioned’, not the people who concoct them.

What term would you call yourself as a blogger?

Let’s look at this another way, at what age do you consider yourself to be a slightly older blogger?

For some it might be aged 80! Whereas for others I have seen them start to despair after the age of 30.

Actually there is no definite age. It is all in the state of your mind. And also it doesn’t really matter either. My father is in his 90s, but he doesn’t consider himself old, and neither do I. Because he doesn’t act that way, he shouldn’t be immediately dismissed into that age bracket.

It’s horrible that we are all pigeonholed into these slots even before we think we have reached that milestone. But for many of us it is inevitable, and we have to put up and live with it.

So I have created a quick and fun quiz to have a laugh at the concept of a slightly older blogger. I do hope you can spare a few minutes to have a go. It is designed to get you smiling, as well as to make you have a bit of a think.

What kind of slightly older blogger are you?

Take the quiz below to find out! And if you like it, why not share this with your friends so they can all have a go?

Ready to get stuck in? The questions are just below:

  1. 1. When you first saw the word ‘blogging’, did you

  2. 2. When you decided to set up a blog, did you

  3. 3. When you started to blog, for example when using WordPress, did you

  4. 4. When you are confronted with new technology, do you

  5. 5. When you wanted to learn more about blogging, did you

  6. 6. When you started writing properly in your blog, did you

  7. 7. When you have completed writing your latest post, do you

  8. 8. You know you need to focus on writing for your readers. Do you

  9. 9. A younger blogger accuses you of knowing nothing about blogging, because of your age. Do you

  10. 10. You come across ageism within the blogosphere. Do you

  11. 11. You receive a snide comment from another blogger. Are you

  12. 12. A blogger belittles the content of your blog. Do you

  13. 13. You maintain slightly older bloggers are better at blog commenting. This is because

  14. 14. You know creating an affinity with your regular readers is important. Do you

  15. 15. You value the importance of engaging with your readers off your blog. Do you

  16. 16. You come across a topic of which you’ve had previous experience. Do you

  17. 17. When you read about the latest ‘must have’ gadget in blogging, do you

  18. 18. You want justify being a slightly older blogger. Do you

  19. 19. You attend a blogging meet-up and find you’re the oldest person there. Are you

  20. 20. Someone suggests you may be too old to be a blogger. Do you

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