A blog is so much more than just somewhere to publish posts

At the beginning of the summer I did a mind map of all the things associated with a blog to prove it was more than somewhere to publish posts.

As I worked on it, it grew and grew. It was amazing how much of a business’s online marketing strategy could be affected and improved by having a blog.

And not only just a blog, but with a website created in WordPress, which is a platform usually associated with blogging. It is an open-sourced content management system, designed to be very easy to use and develop into a fully formed website, with extra applications and facilities to enhance its performance in the online marketing arena.

What did my mind map include?

My mind map worked with the five main areas I wanted to develop within my business: WordPress training, blog consultation, WordPress design, website building and online marketing. I soon realised that what I had produced was ideally suited to a full-blown company with staff and a large budget – perhaps I was running before I could properly walk!

But it was fascinating to become more aware that a properly designed WordPress website carefully designed so that applications and functions could be added as and when required was definitely the way forward. There is so much scope with connecting WordPress, blogging and social media in with online and content marketing practices, especially as it conforms to the changes in how the search engines work and the expectations required from website use nowadays.

Things have moved on since the old days

The days when a website was a static online brochure are far, far away (even though there are still many around). If you want to start making a difference with your online presence, it’s time to wake up and understand about campaigns, user experience, legibility, persuasive tactics and analytical funnels. It’s also important to realise the social element in online marketing and the methodology used to attract potential customers and web traffic.

Over the summer I created two new websites for my clients and overcame some technical difficulties in WordPress along the way. I enjoyed the challenge, as not only it expanded my expertise but I revelled in the results that delivered what the clients wanted. There is still so much more I can do with these websites if the opportunities are taken up, such as visitor data collection, social media collaboration, content marketing practices, Google Authorship and Analytics, event organisation, marketing campaigns and e-commerce opportunities.

After all, what is the point of studying for my online marketing diplomas if I can’t put what I’ve learned into practice, and not just for my own website and business too.

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Alice Elliott writes the award winning Fairy Blog Mother blog for beginner and post-beginner bloggers to “explain things really simply” about blogging and WordPress. She provides simple, easy to understand, highly visual courses and tutorials using ordinary, everyday words. Visit her new Beginner Bloggers blog to find her latest learning resources.
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  • Arleen says:

    Alice- Up until about 6 months ago I had never heard of blogging. After doing research about blogging I changed my mind in a hurry. I am not trying to sell anything on the blog site but made it more informational. With that said my main promotional products site has really seen a boost. I am now a believer

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