Starting a blog: a mini-guide

starting a blog

A collaborative post by Joseph Peake. 

Starting a blog is currently highly fashionable for people from all walks of life, particularly students and travellers.

However, everyone can utilise the opportunities that blogging can bring you, from business exposure, writing experience, or even just somewhere to vent. If you have no idea where to start, this guide will help you to create an engaging blog in no time at all.

Create quality content

Creating quality content is the key to gaining followers as well as to enjoying yourself.

Although most bloggers will be writers at heart, if you are new to writing and want to know where to start, the answer is with you. You are what makes your blog unique from the many others swarming the internet, and by giving your posts a personal angle, you will be able to attract followers and become an internet personality in a matter of weeks.

You should also decide what you are interested in, and start from there. Everyone is an expert at something, and this will allow you to have fun with your blog as well as to share knowledge others may be interested in.

Finesse its design

No one wants to trawl through pages of poorly designed content, that is as hard to read as it is hard to load.

To create a professional blog that people will want to spend time on, you should ensure that your blog is well designed. On technical grounds, this may include ensuring that your site speed is fast and that your site is optimised for mobile content. In terms of design elements, you should ensure that the text is easy to read and that the visuals are of high quality.

Website building sites such as WordPress have easy to use templates that can allow you to create a professional looking blog in seconds.

Find a great work space

Blogging demands dedication to regular posts and quality content, which can be hard to achieve if your office space is your bed, or a crowded workplace.

To get into the right mindset, one option is to find a private workspace such as those at, where you can use meeting rooms for collaborative work as well as have access to a vibrant and peaceful environment which will provide you with the perfect working conditions.

Use social media

Finally, readers have to find your blog, and one of the best ways to do this is through your existing contacts.

Social media makes it particularly easy to contact and connect with a large number of people at once. Whether you create a page for your blog, or simply share its posts on your social media account, this will both increase your viewers and encourage others to share your content.

For businesses, this can be especially important to raise brand awareness and increase the traffic flows to your website.

Ready about starting a blog?

With the help of technology, starting a blog is a relatively simple process for budding writers and businesses alike. All you have to do now is to keep your blog running with regular posts and a strong social media presence to ensure that your blog gets the recognition that it deserves.

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