How can you stay inspired as a blogger in 2020?

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A guest post by Kayleigh Alexandra. 

If you’re a blogger, chances are you love what you do.

Blogging can be hard work and a challenge, but it’s also something us bloggers are passionate about. After all, we’re actually earning money writing about our passions and expressing ourselves online. We count ourselves pretty lucky.

But it’s not always easy to stay inspired as a blogger. Keeping our blog going consistently, through the hard times and personal problems, can be a struggle. Especially when inspiration isn’t striking and we’re totally stumped on what to do next. So how can you stay inspired and motivated as a blogger?

With that in mind, we’re covered some of the best tips and tricks for staying inspired as a blogger in 2020. Read on to find out more:

1.   Check out what other great bloggers are doing

If you want to be inspired as a blogger, then take a look at other great bloggers around you.

Check out your direct competition to see what they’re writing. See what thought leaders in your field are up to. Go and visit the blogs of people that aren’t even in your niche, but you just love their writing style or their content.

If there’s someone you look up to in the blogosphere, then you can learn from, and be inspired by, their success and skill.

It gives you something to strive for and helps you to push yourself. And it’s really affirming when you realise that actually, your blog is great, your writing style is engaging, and you’re super knowledgeable. (In fact, we bet that other bloggers are heading to your blog to get inspired too!)

Not only do other blog offer creative inspiration, but they can also give you practical, hands-on advice when it comes to your own blogging work (such as writing tips or marketing tricks).

2.   Start each day with a positive morning routine

Sometimes, it’s the little things that will keep you feeling inspired and motivated. Starting each day with a positive and affirming morning routine can help you to stay inspired as a blogger.

First, think about your emotional wellbeing. Do something you love first thing — whether it’s a long shower, or sitting in the garden with a cup of coffee.

Next, pick your favourite motivational quote or mantra, and say it to yourself in front of the mirror when you get up. If you’re into yoga, practise a morning yoga routine to get yourself limbered up for the day ahead.

Now you’ve greeted the day and you’re feeling more upbeat, make a list of the things you want to achieve today with your blog (making sure they are realistic goals). Ticking them will be satisfying and will keep you feeling motivated and inspired.

Repeating this routine will help you face the day in a more positive mindset, as well as helping you to get into a headspace where you’re ready to be productive and get writing.

3.   Write what you love to remember why you love it

Sometimes, it can be hard to remember why you started blogging in the first place — especially if you’ve been doing it for years and you’re struggling to motivate yourself.

If this sounds familiar, then it’s probably time to take a step back and take stock of your blog so far.

We can often get carried away going down a certain path with our blog. Whether it’s monetising it, becoming a ‘thought leader’ in a certain field, or writing obsessively about a particular topic.

Of course, if you are passionate about this, then that’s awesome. But sometimes, we can lose sight of why we are doing something, and that means that our spark of inspiration dies.

If you want to stay inspired as a blogger, take it back to basics and write about what you really love — the things that interest and excite you. This will help you to remember why you fell in love with blogging in the first place, which should help to inspire you.

And this should have a knock-on effect with your writing too: your passion will shine through and your readers will appreciate your enthusiasm.

4.   Challenge yourself by writing about something new

If you’ve tried the above advice and it’s not working, then why not challenge yourself to write something completely new?

If you’re looking for excitement and inspiration, then maybe it’s time to veer off the beaten track and try writing about something that’s brand new for you.

Of course, you still need to make it relevant to your blog. We wouldn’t recommend just throwing in a post on dropshipping if you’re a beauty blogger, but there are plenty of ways you can shake up your writing.

You could learn about a part of your niche that you’ve never really looked into before and write about your findings. Or you could tackle a topic you’re comfortable with from a completely different angle.

You could even write more about your life outside of your blogging niche. Such as telling personal anecdotes, funny jokes and stories will help your readers connect with you more and show a new side of you.

5.   If you’re feeling burnt out, take a break

Staying inspired as a blogger doesn’t always mean running at high-speed looking for inspiration and the next best thing. It’s okay to take a break from blogging if you’re feeling burnt out or demotivated — honest!

Being a blogger can be knackering. The writing, the website upkeep, the emails, the social media… when you add it all up, it can feel pretty non-stop and overwhelming.

So don’t be afraid to take some time out, even if it’s just an evening, to relax and recharge. Stop scouring the web for new blog post ideas, stop scrolling through social media, and stop looking at your emails.

Taking a step back from the blog will give your brain a bit of break, which means that you’ll be able to think of more ideas and get more inspired in the future. After all, writing is a creative task and we don’t always have loads of ideas all the time — and sometimes, the words just won’t flow.

It’s best not to force it when you’re feeling stumped. Instead, walk away, have a cup of tea and do something mindless. Your brain — and wellbeing — will thank you.

How do you stay inspired as a blogger?

These are just five ways that you can stay inspired as a blogger in 2020.Try out different ideas and tricks to find something that works for you; if there’s something that sparks your excitement or inspires you, then give it a whirl. And most of all, don’t worry — you’ll get your inspiration back in no time.

And let us know in the comments how you get on with my inspiration tips. Are you blogging more? Do you feel happier about your blog? We would love to hear from you.

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