Strange how little effort brings in big returns

Talking about bloggingDuring my blogathon (to post every day for a year in my nature blog) I have noticed a strange phenomenon.

Some posts I really put some effort in, thinking about what I write and sourcing some suitable evidence to back up my theories or justify my reasons, and some just pour out without much thought, flowing through my fingers via the keyboard into the content fields.

What is demoralizing is the ones I really try hard with don’t do as well as those that just ‘happen’. You’d think that taking more care in what I say, strategically edited, reworked to sound good and strive to be entertaining, they would command a better response.

But no, it’s the ones I rush off in a hurry, usually very short and limited in content, that do better. Why is this?

One train of thought is maybe overworking a contribution will make it stilted, constrained and dull. All the spontaneous spark has been drained out, the elements that made it interesting have evaporated through too much handling, the goodness has been blended into oblivion.

Or perhaps because the post is short and succinct, the message is easily absorbed, understood and appreciated. We live in a busy world where not everybody has time to waste reading long posts, so a snippet could be a nice change.

Or maybe I just excel at quick points of view, combined with a picture that fills in the words I haven’t written. After all, writing short posts hasn’t done Seth Godin any harm.

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