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Over the past couple of months I have been approached by a number of photographers, artists, jewellers and other creative types about where to find ideas for blog content.

To me the answer is staring them in the face. If they are not natural writers, then concentrate on the areas they know and excel at the most – the visual aspect of their businesses. A blog is a perfect medium to show their pictures, photographs and such like. It doesn’t need to contain words, and adding pictures is so easy to do.

A picture says a thousand words, and every reader will interpret it differently, thus you have magically provided several thousand words for each post! The only words that are necessary are a caption (optional) and the alt tags behind the pictures (extremely important).

Alt tags should not only contain appropriate keywords for SEO reasons, thus enabling the search engines to index the post more effectively, it also enables the picture to ‘talk’ to partially sighted visitors. Their computers will have special software that picks up the alt tags and audibly reads them out, therefore it is important for your alt tags to be as descriptive as possible about your pictures.

How to 'enter' your picture for optimisationHere’s how to put the alt tag behind your images. After you have uploaded and pasted them into your blog, click on the picture and two icons will appear. Choose the one with the mountains to access the menu associated with optimising your pictures.

The menu provides the fields that allow you to write a title (this comes up when you mouse over the picture and is also read by the spiders), a suitable alt tag (SEO keywords and description), and a caption if required. There is also provision to link the image to another page (internally) or website (externally).

Showing the field where the alt tag should go

If you want to show pictures in other social media that doesn’t accommodate images easily, such as Twitter, linking back to your blog post is an ideal solution. You can also further the web-presence of your images through Pinterest and Flickr, and the latter also provides the necessary code to create simple galleries on your blog to show your pictures in a more presentational vein.

So if you are a reluctant blogger who is put off because you don’t know what to write about, here’s your solution: start your blogging career with some fantastic pictures, as these will say all you need, and it’s much easier to post images than worry about what you are going to say each week.

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