How to make a success at blogging

success at blogging

A collaborative post by Lucy Wyndham. 

Keep your audience interested

The most important part creating a success at blogging is content.

When people find your site, you want them to stick around. With over 2 million blog posts published every day, what can you do to make yours stand out from the crowd?

Increasing your site traffic is an important part of this, but when people have found your blog, how can you encourage them to keep coming back?

Site performance

As you may have found when browsing websites, if a site doesn’t load quickly, you are more likely to find somewhere else to read. This is why Google are starting to use load times as a search ranking factor when it comes to creating a success at blogging.

Time to test out your blog – how quickly does it load pages? Do you have a lot of images in your blog posts that take a long time to display?

This is simple to fix via the media page in the WordPress management console. If you’ve already done this and your site is slower than you would like, you may need to make changes to the hosting of your WordPress site.

Search traffic

If you find that your audience are not spending a long time on your blog or website, it could be that the content of your website is not relevant to them.

Google Search Console is a free tool that allows you to see which search terms people are using and how you rank. This can be give great insight at creating a success at blogging as it shows which words or phrases are generating traffic to your blog.

Perhaps the words that are high in search are not representative of your overall blog subject. This means that once they have read one page, there is nothing else relevant to them. In this case, you could write more blog posts about popular subjects.

Check out the competition

As a blogger, you want to make sure that your content is unique and interesting. You want to give your audience something special to read if you are to create a success at blogging.

In order to stay relevant, it can be a good idea to check other blog websites based on a similar topic. You can then ensure that your blog posts are industry relevant, whilst also giving the opportunity for you to create pingback links to help promote your site to new readers.

Good content is a crucial part of running a blog. However, spending a little time checking site performance and researching how people are finding your site is important to maintaining and growing your audience.

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Lucy WyndhamOver the last 7 years, Lucy Wyndham has built for herself a modest career working from home and bringing up her two children. Prior to this she worked in business development for almost a decade and has seen the rise and fall of many businesses.

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