Sure branding is important, but don’t lose sight of the real deal

Branding on a T-shirtHere’s me wearing my new T-shirt, courtesy of Martin from

T-shirt printing.net



and as you can see, it is in my brand colour with the fairy logo.

(It also reveals that I need to lose a bit of weight, as even a XL T-shirt is looking a little snug on me!)

Branding on clothes certainly are a great way of passive promotion and advertising, especially if you are out and about fully visible in places where your potential customer will get the chance to see you. Hopefully by next summer I will have slimmed down enough to wear this T-shirt to my workshops and networking meetings, as an extension of me always wearing some sort of purple whenever I’m in public.

Branding isn’t only visual

Branding isn’t aimed totally on the visual aspects of business. Customer service, user experience and the easy access to facilities also contributes towards the favourable impression branding needs to have on the customer, potential, present and even past (if they are to be encouraged back into the fold).

And branding trust is earned through the consistent message they receive, both off- and online, that marries consistently with the company’s mission statement and attitude towards its customers. Offline through appropriate clothing, and online reflected within their blogs and social media interaction.

Branding aids recognition

Even so, these intangible aspects of branding need to be emphasised via the visual impact. If a customer has had a good experience from a company, they are more likely to be reminded of the encounter by seeing the company’s logo or colour scheme. And in a busy environment a customer would more likely be reassured of a company employee’s presence through the appropriate branding on their uniform.

So the real answer is the ability to combine the two, the tangible visual aspect with the intangible customer experience. Once this connection has been made, the business prospective begins to look much rosier.

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  • I totally agree – customer service is SO important. Branding is just what reminds people about where they received a good service (or read a great blog) in my opinion. Btw I am with you with the colour being key – at The Wellbeing Centre we have a vivid green as our key colour and I’m often told how people associate us with that colour even when our logo’s not to be seen!

    Love your purple and I think the t-shirt looks great!

  • Jenks LeBeau says:

    I agree with this Alice- whats great about your words is that it can actually relate to video branding too!

  • >