The beauty of blogs over websites

Design, Build and Enhance your blogBack in the old days, blogs and websites were different animals. They used different web-programming and systems, and the concept of turning a blog into a website (or blogsite) wasn’t even considered.

But technology improved, and blogs started to promote that they had pages, and that these pages could be used for more interesting things other than About Us.

Some clever-clogs started to create pages in their blogs saying all sorts of stuff, and gradually it dawned on people that creating and using pages in a blog was a lot easier to do than on an ordinary website.

For example, whenever something is changed in CMS (content management systems) that is present in all the pages, for example adding a page link into the navigation bar, then by simply creating and publishing a page automatically changed the navigation bar on all the pages at the same time!

How cool is that? No more going into each page separately and laboriously changing each element one at a time. (This is something I had to do with my Dreamweaver website whenever I created a new page and wanted to incorporate its link into the navigation bar that was on every page. It took me hours!)

This was such a time-saver for simple websites. Sidebar changes were automatically corrected on every page. Pages were easily edited and then published. It was so easy to paste a picture into a post and still be able to find it in the images gallery to use it in other posts or pages later. Writing in a page was as simple as writing a post, as the same principles were used, and the process was like writing in Word with similar editing buttons.

Blogging platforms advanced so that presentation and design was improved. Soon it was possible for almost anyone to make their blog look better without having to know copious amounts of HTML or whatever. Web-designers took advantage of this and created templates and themes to advertise their skills, as well as increasing the ever-changing blogging looks on offer. Blogs started to look fun, professional, very variable and certainly not at all ordinary.

And so the blogsite was born. And now the question arises: why do people bother with the old website design programmes when CMS appears to be so wonderful?

Well, there were restrictions to blogs that the old-fashioned way of producing a website could overcome. But these problems are fast being solved, such as being able to create new sidebars in different pages, which I have had fun doing in this blog’s new make-over. Even for those who want to have fantastic whizz-bang websites that do everything for you, then sophisticated usage of CMS can be adapted, as long as you can find a web-developer who knows how.

So how long will it be before CMS completely takes over in the website development world?

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