Third party website review

Sometimes it's a good idea to get a different person to take a look at your online marketing. We can get so bogged down with what we are doing every day. Having the chance to get another view on, in this case, your website, could be the boost you need to improve what you're already got.

I am offering a website review as a third party, or, if you like, as a visitor. But this time as a visitor with digital marketing knowledge who can have a really good look at what is going on. 

This is what will happen:

Asking for website review

First, book a call with me to talk about your website

This is so I can find out more about your website from you, what you want from it, what you already think about it, and to get your permission to review it.

Doing website review

After I've examined your website, I will video my responses and send it to you

The video will be a private link so that only you can see it. 

Discussing website review

Then I'll book another call with you to discuss the video

This will enable you to ask questions about what I said in the video, and if you wish to take this further, engage me to make the changes you think are necessary.

David Moon

David Moon

Definitely man up and get one done!

I wanted feedback on my coaching website from someone with experience, because I knew it wasn't very good. The landing page wasn't very clear in what I offered, and there was too much unnecessary material across a surfeit of pages. Also it was too impersonal.

After my review I am now in the process of rebuilding and redesigning my website from scratch, whilst incorporating some of the advice given to me.

I would recommend this to anyone who has a self-built website, as another set of unbiased eyes are invaluable in seeing what you cannot, and will highlight things you would never have thought of.

Linda Brumfitt

Linda Brumfitt

An absolutely painless process

I was looking for some blogging training for my mum when I saw the offer to do a blog review which seemed too good to miss.

It was a great review – video is a perfect format for this and the enthusiastic style was wonderful. It was evident that Alice had been through every single page and critiqued it. The tip to make sure that links open in another tab to stop people from navigating away from my website was such a valuable point. She even showed me how to fix it.

It's only been yesterday since my review, but already I've started making lists of things I want to do. I would recommend this to everyone! Who can't benefit from insightful advice from someone with so much experience? It was an absolutely painless process and actually I really enjoyed watching the video review. I watched it more than once.

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