Top 10 Time-Saving Tools for Perfect Blogging

Time saving tools for perfect blogging

Guest post by Kenneth Waldman

Blogging can be a wonderful hobby or even a full-time job. It lets you unleash your creativity, give your ideas and get your voice heard. But it’s not always easy. It’s time consuming, sometimes even nerve wrecking, and every blogger that strives to create an interesting blog needs help.

Therefore you need to know which time saving tools can help with getting you to become a perfect blogger. Incorporating the right tools will increase your productivity to give you more free time, while still managing to thrive at what you do the best – blogging.

1. Google Docs

If there’s a company that caters to all of your time saving tech needs, and it’s called Google. Google Docs enables you to write your content without installing any software on your PC, plus you get to share your sheets or documents with your team members (proofreaders and editors), without too much hassle.

Another great pro is being able to access your work from anywhere in the world because you can easily store it in the cloud.

2. Quora

If you’re looking for some time saving on research and find out what in just a few steps what your audience is raving about and what they are currently discussing, then visit Quora.

It’s a great website where you get insight into what people really need, and you can create engaging content and get inspired based on their conversations. No more brainstorming and banging your head against the wall, guessing what your audience will like.

3. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

You don’t have to be a blogger to know that your headline will either deter or capture your audience. In order to save time in getting fresh ideas for blog topics as well as ideas for captivating headlines, use the HubSpot Blog Topic Generator.

Just type in your keywords, and you’ll get a week’s worth of blog topics and potential headlines to work around.

4. Evernote

Forget forgetting about those great blogging topics while you were on the go and had nowhere to jot them down. Evernote is an epic tool that lets you create notes, pull content from the web and easily access it anywhere in a distraction free environment.

5. Canva

There’s no great blog without an equally great blog cover. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to do this. Canva is a great time saving online tool that enables you to create engaging and sharp visual content to accompany your already engaging writing content.

6. Eggtimer

This website is for those bloggers who find it hard to stay focused and can’t find their ideal rhythm. Eggtimer allows you to set a time and push yourself to work within the set time. Face it, you can’t create great content if you’re demotivated, tired or not focused.

7. Trello

This free online tool is the king of all things lists. Trello will enable you to organize your process from A to Z, add projects, lists, cards and team members that can edit and help you work on a particular task so that you eventually get the job done faster.

8. Ninja Outreach

The art of perfect blogging includes networking with other bloggers, exchanging ideas and guest blog post. Ninja Outreach is an amazing tool that enables you to find other influencers and contact them all from the same place.

This time saving tool saves a lot of time going back and forth between e-mails, search engines, and websites.

9. EssayMama

Full-time bloggers are often pressured into maintaining a strict posting schedule because their faithful audience expects content from them on the regular. Life, however, sometimes gets in the way.

Enhance your time saving by using websites like EssayMama to get quick assistance from professionals who can write content for your blog, according to your instructions.

10. Help.Plagtracker

If you have a brilliant piece of content in your hands, yet you’re lacking time to edit and format it properly, websites like are real time-saving tools. Just submit your content and get it back perfectly corrected, formatted and edited.

Bonus: 11. Milanote

Milanote‘s easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface allows you to collect and organise everything pertaining to a creative project in one place—images, notes, links, files, videos and tasks, side-by-side on an infinite virtual canvas.

The things that you add stay exactly where you put them. There’s no snapping in place to a predefined layout. If you like, you can add organisation and structure using lines, arrows and whitespace.

With these useful time saving tools, you’ll be able to invest into more promotion and marketing of your blogs. But that’s another blog topic! These tools are accessible, portable, easy to use so that you’ll never get caught off guard, and your writing game will always stay sharp.

About the author:

Kenneth Waldman is a professional content writer with over 5 years of experience and also a Designer at AskPetersen Reviews (read the latest AssignmentMasters Review). His expertise includes education, marketing, freelancing.

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