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Guest blog from Fenix Raw. Fairy Blog Mother welcomes guest bloggers, as long as they keep to the subject of blogging – and anyhow, it makes my life easier not having to churn out so many of my own. Enjoy.

Blogging is an art that requires maximum dedication and commitment of the blogger. If this is the first time you are blogging, you need to know some few things that can make your goals attainable. In most cases, many people make mistake when they choose a topic that is not interesting to them and they end up failures. The topic that you will use to blog should be quite great and should make more sense to you. In other words, the blog subject should be captivating to read and write about. The following are some simple tips that you can apply to make your blog more attractive and catchy to many users.

The first tip is personalization. Blog language requires that you be personable. By being personable, you can tell people about yourself and your likes. About me page comes in handy at this moment. On this page, you can tell people about yourself by posting comments. Once the comments are replied, you can get back to the users by commenting back. With good content on the postings, people will have enough comfort and know that they are dealing with a genuine person.

Blogging daily is another tip you have to use. This ensures that your blog is live and many people are streaming in to make the blog amazing. If you don’t blog on a daily basis, you will not have good traffic flow into your website. The more you blog, the more sensitive your search engine becomes and this improves your ranks on the internet. When people are searching online, you will have an advantage if your blog ranks high. It is possible to have a higher ranking if you dedicate your time in blogging on daily basis.

Further, it is not good to quit when blogging. Many people make this mistake and they end up missing the point of getting their blogs ranked high online. Blogging is a process and you should take time to realize the effective results. If you quit too early, you may not enjoy the great benefits that come later. Patience is very important and the more you keep on working hard for better results, the more informed your blog will become. It may take sometime but eventually your blog will get real traffic with time. With the increasing need of blogging, many people are finding it a business opportunity worth your dedication.

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  • I think a blog should be unique,informative and entertaining.Blogging is good for both readers and bloggers,for readers they get new ideas from the blogs they read while for the blogger they are able to express how they fell and share their thought

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