Just been too blogging busy to blog about my award

Winning the National UK Blog Awards Digital and Technology CategoryTo any normal blogging mortal, winning a prestigious blogging award would have been the first thing to write about the minute they got home.

But not me. I’ve been flat out since winning the Digital & Technology Category of the National UK Blog Awards. There’s all the social media notifications that are needed to be done, changing all my profiles to say “award winning blogger”, acknowledging the interaction I’ve had online, answering hundreds of emails, sending out press releases, writing guest blogs – yup, I’ve been busy.

Looking at my blogging awardIt’s been a whirlwind since Friday 25 April 2014 when I saw my portrait come up on the big screen and my jaw hit the floor. I was totally flabbergasted that they had chosen me! Along with my friend and star pupil Lindsay McLoughlin (who had been highly commended for the Individual Digital & Technology Category) we had created our own list of winning blogs, but I had no idea that I would be one!

Somehow I clambered up to the stage to collect my plaque amidst deafening applause, which I didn’t register. But I did manage to capture a little comment on the way: “She even looks like her logo!”

National UK Blog Awards plaque

This is a big deal for me. Winning this award has confirmed that what I am doing is OK. All those late nights busily tapping away, fathoming out the easiest explanation of various technical blogging bits, constructing my own simple brand of infographic to present content marketing in a way that bloggers of all levels can benefit from.

Thank you to everyone who supported, voted, retweeted and rooted for me. I was surprised to note I had far more retweets than any of the other bloggers in my category. And thank you also to the category judges, Mike Little (Co-founder of WordPress) and Tim Williams (Lumacoustics) for considering me.

I really should take advantage of this sudden rush of acknowledgement by raising my game. This website needs simplifying, and I need to promote my e-courses, finish my e-book, publicise my consultation resources and find speaking engagements. I have so much knowledge to share about blogging, amassed over the years from personal experience and professional studying, carefully simplified in my own specific style to make it accessible to all.

VOTE FOR ME BiB 2014 SOCIALMEDIA VOTE FOR ME BiB 2014 INNOVATEMy next venture towards blogosphere domination? I’ve been shortlisted in the BritMums BiBs Awards 2014 within the Social and Innovative categories. And so the procedure starts again, with tweeting, blogging, promoting, having conversations both off- and online, combined with speaking about blogging for beginners at BritMumsLive in June – let’s see if I can be successful twice in a row.

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