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Post by Asad Shehzad. 

The blogging industry is flourishing at high speed.

Initially bloggers blogged about their personal life. But a paradigm shift means blogging has become professional rather than personal. Companies are using bloggers to market or advertise their products.

This means there is now a large community of bloggers. And this increase has resulted in huge competition amongst them. It’s really hard to maintain your position and name in this field. So here are various top web tools that help you to improve your blogging.

1. Prepostseo Word Counter

Prepostseo Word Counter is one of the most effective web tools for bloggers. It has multiple features which play an important role in making your blog perfect, so as a result bloggers love it. And as it is easy and simple, anyone can use it.

If you have a word limit when writing a blog, this word counter prevents you from having to manually count the number of words and characters. It automatically changes whenever you delete and edit words, quickly showing you an accurate record of how many words you’ve typed at any time.

2. Grammarly

Another powerful example of top web tools is Grammarly. It works perfectly with Microsoft Word, Google and WordPress. Once you start typing it reveals your mistakes immediately.

Grammarly reveals all the spelling mistakes in your content, and helps you to edit them by giving you the correct spelling. It also improves your content in terms of grammar and punctuation and explains why this is wrong. This top web tool also helps you form proper sentence structure and style.

Every blogger knows the impact of plagiarism. It is illegal to use anyone else’s content in your blog. Grammarly can help you to make your content 100% original by highlighting the suspect area of the post.

3. Canva

Blog posts need to appeal to their readers, as sometimes written content is just not enough. You can improve your post immensely by adding images to it. Canva is another of our suggested top web tools which can help you to make your blog attractive with appropriate images.

Canva offers quality templates to help bloggers create eye-catching graphics which appeal at first glance. It also hosts a huge variety of images, so it is easy to find one that perfectly fits your blog title and content.

You can also create a custom banner for your blog, either in the form of a heading section option or featured image. This is an effective way to explain a specific keyword or emphasise a particular point.

4. Ahrefs

Your blog will need to use proper SEO to position itself at the top of the search engine results. Remaining in your desired position has now become a blogging game, so you will need one of the top web tools such as Ahrefs to help you.

This software analyses the quality of your keywords. Finding the best keywords will help bring more traffic on your blog, as well as achieving a higher ranking in the search results.

The best part of this top web tool is it tells you about your ranking status, and also your competitors and what keywords they are using. Now you can copy their techniques to get the better of them.

5. My Stock Photos

Another of our suggested top web tools to make your blog attractive and effective is My Stock Photos. Using quality images adds more colour which attracts readers. Visitors will first see the images before they read the content.

This top web tool provides totally free photos which are also copyright free. Using relevant and appropriate pictures can also explain the subject of the blog better than the headline.

Another good use of images can be combined with Canva. Add an image background to their templates to enhance your graphics and get them seen by more people.

Additional top web tools for your blog

Avoid plagiarism

Your blog’s content must be unique and free of plagiarism. This free plagiarism checker can check if your content matches part of another article by highlighting it. This will allow you to easily edit to make it plagiarism free.

Avoid grammar mistakes

Ideally your blog should be accurate, as grammatical errors can have a negative impact on your readers, as they may stop reading your blog. English corrector helps you by highlighting any grammar mistakes you may have.

Improve your vocabulary and writing style

Article rewriter helps to improve your vocabulary by giving you better word choices to use in your article. It also helps you to improve your writing style.

Which top web tools can you recommend?

These are only a selection of top web tools that can help bloggers to succeed. If you have any you can suggest to us, please tell us about them in the comments below.

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Asad ShehzadAsad Shehzad writes SEO articles for online business marketers and SEO tools users to make their Google rankings surge. His articles have appeared in a number of websites such as eLearning Industry, Calculators.tech and Inside Tech Box. He contributes articles about digital marketing, SEO techniques and tech regularly to Prepostseo.com.

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    Hi Asad. I love Canva Pro, been a user for 2 years and it really helps with images.
    I also love a character counter when making titles as many of mine had gone over the 70 mark.
    I just found this blog on Twitter and love it.

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