7 traffic boosting blog tips that are almost cheating

traffic boosting blog tips

A guest post by Bradley Shaw. 

You’ve launched your first blog. Now you need to start generating traffic for it.

Telling your friends and family about your new site is okay, but it is not enough. Their hits alone cannot turn your blog into a money-making machine.

You need to drive tons of traffic to your blog every single day. And traffic generation is tough for novices.

There are plenty of people who could visit your blog, but locating and convincing them to stop and read it is difficult.

You need a few cheat tips to gain traction. Then it will be easier to build on your newly found traffic and succeed.

Ideally, you should aim for at least five hundred blog readers per day. Here are seven ways to boost traffic to your blog:

Tip 1: Create traffic by writing your first pillar articles


You have probably read that content is king. Successful bloggers can confirm the importance of good blog content. This is what they use to generate most of their traffic.

Start by creating a few pillar articles. Normally in a tutorial style, these relevant and valuable “how to” lessons are designed to educate your target audience with practical hints and ideas.

Write at least four pillar articles a month and link them to each other. This helps create the impression of an updated blog. In a few months your blog will have a lot of fresh and helpful content.

Tip 2: Comment on other blogs to get backlinks


You cannot succeed online by yourself. You need to connect with bloggers who write about the same things as you. One way to get closer to them is by commenting on their blogs.

Find blogs with similar niche topics, as their readers will also be interested in reading yours. Whenever you submit a comment, you’ll be adding your name and website URL, which leaves an acceptable link back to your site.

Always contribute a comment that aligns with the ideas in the article you’ve just read. Make sure it is helpful and valuable. If other readers like what you’ve written, they will click your name to read your blog.

Tip 3: Create trackbacks to draw attention to your blog


Another way to connect with other bloggers is to reference or link to their blogs in your articles. If you mention other bloggers’ articles in your posts, this will create trackbacks.

A trackback is a shortened summary of your blog post in their comment section. It leaves a link to your own blog which visitors can follow. Also the blog owner may visit your blog to see what you said about them.

If you keep doing this, they might offer you a chance to write a guest post on their blog. Additionally they might reciprocally write and link to your blog.

Tip 4: Host an article on a carnival blog and encourage commenting on your blog


Post your pillar articles into a blog carnival. This is a huge blog site that provides a summary of various articles from several different blogs on a given topic.

Blog carnivals collect top content on a particular subject within a certain period of time. People who make use of carnival blogs often get a boost in traffic. Search on Google to find a list of the best carnival blogs.

Encourage readers to comment by writing interesting and captivating articles. Include a call to action that asks them to leave a comment. Also direct them to a landing page that offers freebies like eBooks which readers can opt in to receive.        

Tip 5: Submit your blog to top directories and try article marketing

filing cabinet

Submitting your blog to a blog directory may not translate into tons of traffic, however it’s an easy thing to do. Research into the best ones, such as blogtopsites.com, and submit your blog in the most appropriate category. You will need to paste a few lines of code into your blog to connect. It is a slow method that works eventually.

For article marketing, the best directory is ezinearticles.com. If you submit your pillar articles there each week, it will be read by other publishers. Even though this site won’t send hundreds of visitors to your blog every day, it is worthwhile.

Ezine Articles also offer a Resource Box which contains the author’s bio and URL links. So when each article is re-published by other bloggers, the resource box is retained with it.

Tip 6: Re-evaluate your headlines to attract attention


The first thing a reader reads on your post is the headline. If they like it, there is a high chance they will read the rest of the article. However boring headlines can make them move on elsewhere.

The strength of the headline alone determines the success of an article. If you can get hold of a plugin that does title split testing, you can write two headlines per article to see which one is the best.

This is a great way to clearly tell which titles are the most successful. Make a note of the type of headlines your readers prefer and create future ones that are even better.

Tip 7: Make use of social media to engage with your readers

social media

Many readers can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. Any wise blogger should engage on social media to boost their blog traffic.

Most people gain a lot of hits from Twitter. If you use a plugin such as Evergreen Post Tweeter, you could automate your traffic flow from Twitter to your blog.

However any method you use to re-tweet your archived blog articles, the best way to get more readers is to strike up a conversation with them. Personal interaction is much more effective than pushing an anonymous post in front of them and hoping they will want to read it.

What are you doing to generate more traffic to your blog?

If you follow the seven tips we have outlined above, you will boost your blog’s traffic. However, make sure that you execute every tip carefully to avoid failure and disappointment.

Bear in mind traffic generation is a continuous journey. Even though you will want excellent results, this will not happen overnight. Patience and persistence are necessary virtues for any blogger.

As long as you focus on your goal to get more traffic to your blog, you will eventually succeed.

About the author

Bradley ShawBradley Shaw is your Local SEO Expert since 1997. Proven track record of driving over $100million in sales.

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