Why you should turn your blog into an authority site

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A contributed post by Joseph Peake. 

Managing a blog can be extremely difficult, especially when it comes to keeping your readers on board.

You may get lots of visitors to your blog every day, but your bounce rate is ridiculously high, and nobody sticks around for long. This makes it hard to see any sort of success as your posts simply aren’t getting the views you need.

What would make people come to a blog and stay on it? You’ll probably find these users are looking for authority sites.

These are blogs your readers trust to provide them with all the right information, and they’ll happily visit them every day. This means if you want to try and gain a loyal audience, you need to turn your blog into an authority site.

How do you do this? There are various things you can do, and they all revolve around improving the reputation of your blog.

Sharpen up your contact information

Every blog should have a contact page which allows people to get in touch with you.

This is particularly helpful for brands who want to work with you. This enables them to easily post a message or give you a call.

However, your contact information also goes some way to improving your reputation and making you seem more like an authority site.

A professional site will have professional contact information. This includes a proper business email address, not something unsuitable like bingo123@hotmail.co.uk.

Another tip is to look at things like Hoxton Mix virtual offices and getting a virtual address that makes your blog seem more like an actual business. It gives the illusion you’re a big company when in reality you’re just sat at home.

And throw a professional telephone number into the mix, and you immediately look more respectable.

Rank high in search results

Most users will normally click on the first few sites they see in search results. In their minds, the higher a site is in the rankings, the more authority it has.

Therefore you need to improve your search ranking by utilising SEO methods within your posts. Do some research into suitable keywords your readers will be looking for, and populate your pages to draw attention from the search engines.

Another thing to consider is how your website is designed. A professionally designed website helps to increase your business’s reputation and make people trust you more.

And it doesn’t matter how perfect your SEO is, if your posts are unreadable and the layout cluttered and confusing, your content is much less likely to be read and acted upon.

Write regular content that targets a specific audience

All authority sites have become so because they provide great content. However, this content needs to be regularly produced to keep your audience engaged.

Furthermore, it needs to target a niche audience. And this content needs to focus on specific categories, such as business tips, marketing, film reviews – anything that demands authority.

Choosing a suitable target market makes it easier to rank high in search results. If you understand your readers, you will know which keywords to use.

Your subject matter needs to relate to your readers’ interests, and give them what they want to read. An authority site provides solutions to problems and fills in the information gaps readers have.

Are you ready to become an authority site?

These tips all work together to create a strong reputation around your authority site.

The high search ranking brings in traffic, the fact you’ve got professional contact info makes people assume this is a professional site, and the great content keeps them coming back for more.

Having an authority site means you could become more successful, so turn your blog into one today.

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