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The first paragraph of my post Elements for a successful blog states your blog should suitably publicise its chosen subject or niche, and include a visual method of recognition through a designed header or banner.

If your blog’s theme doesn’t allow you to have a personalised header, popping a photograph into a text widget in the sidebar to provide recognition of the author (how to do this will be revealed through an e-course I’m writing very soon) is a good alternative, and you can always make sure the title of the blog and its accompanying tagline is suitably descriptive, easily accomplished through the Settings menu from the Dashboard (learn how from the e-course ‘Setting the dashboard settings’).

refers to .com blog

How to personalise your header or banner of your WordPress.com blog is the subject of the latest blogging e-course to be downloaded on this blog: ‘Creating a blog’s visual identity’. In it you will learn how to change the theme of your blog to something more suitable or to your liking, and how to adapt a theme, which has the provision of changing the header, to something that reflects your corporate identity.

It will certainly help to have the banner designed through Photoshop or some other similar software, and I stress it is important to make sure the final product is the correct size and resolution for your blog (WordPress do provide information on how many pixels the banner should be) to make it easier to upload it successfully. My e-course provides those instructions too.

And keep an eye on my ever-growing e-course library list on my sidebar, which reveals the latest additions as soon as they are uploaded onto this blog, or subscribe to be kept informed of new information as it happens!

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