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A guest post by Alice Mackenzie. 

With the internet becoming one big global informational hub as well as a shopping centre, demand for original, innovative and creative content is increasing exponentially. Also gaining a higher rank on the search engines has become very difficult, as the field of blogging has become highly competitive.

Blogging is a creative field. The ultimate aim of every blogger is to get the reader’s attention. This means concentrating on the job at hand, i.e. writing.

A blogger needs to handle lots of things like checking e-mails and messages, immediately replying to a viewer’s query, managing social media accounts, scheduling posts, etc. Sometimes these tasks not only hamper the flow of thoughts, but also hampers the creativity of the blogger.  If you are a blogger who is facing similar issues then we might have the answer.

The answer is hiring a virtual assistant (VA). A virtual assistant is not a ‘voice assistant’, which is a voice-based technology program. Virtual assistant refers to freelancers who provide administrative services while working outside of their employer’s workplace. You just need to grant them access to the required documents like your e-mails, calendar, etc. so your assistant can assess and manage them remotely.

A virtual assistant is a person who carries out the duties of a personal assistant, but they do so remotely and not from your office.  Below we have mentioned some ways in which a VA can be helpful to bloggers.

A virtual assistant helps to create a work/life balance

Bloggers spend most of their time on their laptop or desktop. Being a creative field blogging has no time constraints; it is not a 9 to 5 job. A blogger starts writing as soon as a thought hits their mind. Even if a blogger is not creating content, they still have a lot on their plate. This means they don’t always manage to take out time for themselves or their loved ones.

If you hire a virtual assistant, you can delegate some of your tasks, enabling you to get some free time. Too much workload is not good for a creative mind, so use your free time to do something you enjoy most to keep your mind happy and relaxed.

Also your VA would inform you about important upcoming family events, such as birthdays, anniversary, family dinners, etc. in advance. Thus saving you from any awkward moments.

VAs manages the technical aspects of your blogging

As discussed above, as a blogger you will need to perform lots of tasks to make your blog successful. Besides writing and posting content, a lot of technical aspects are also involved. This includes formatting, finding suitable pictures for the blog, uploading, fixing technical issues, etc. If you lack this technical knowledge, fixing a minor technical issue might take hours, whereas a professional will take just a few minutes to do the same.

Few other technical aspects of blogging are:

  • Backing up your content
  • Optimise blog posts
  • Updating plugins

Your VA can take care of all the above-mentioned aspects. This would not only lessen your workload, but would allow you to focus on the most important thing, such as creating blogs.

A virtual assistant improves productivity

For any business, productivity is crucial. Higher productivity, the higher the revenue. Doing additional tasks (replying to comments, updating a Facebook account, maintaining posting schedule, etc.) might reduce your productivity. But getting a VA to take care of these tasks means you can concentrate on activities which are more important and can earn you more money.

The productivity of a blogger depends on the project’s goal. For example, if a website aims to increase its visibility, the blogger needs to regularly post creative and informational blogs. With a VA taking care of administrative jobs, you can concentrate solely on your ongoing project and earn a higher revenue.

A virtual assistant can market your blog

Whether it’s a promotional or an informational blog, the right marketing strategy is very important for attracting viewers. You can hire a VA to carry out the following marketing-related tasks:

  • Design a logo
  • Make business cards for business associates.
  • Create a blog and social media graphics
  • Promoting your content on your social media accounts.
  • Guest blogging and influencer marketing

Your VA can help in promoting your blogs and attracting more viewers. If your VA has their own blog, they could refer your blog to their viewers, thus increasing your readership.

Growing your business becomes easier

Hiring a VA would give you more time to focus on the tasks which would grow your business. This includes thinking about ideas, creating SEO optimised content, etc. Also your VA could maintain your content posting schedule and send you notifications, reducing the chances of missing a deadline. Timely posting of content would keep the website fresh and interesting for its clients.

Viewers prefer a quick answer to their queries, which is an easy task to assign to your VA. Now you can focus on your writing without worrying about queries and comments. Viewers prefer bloggers who promptly acknowledge their comments and feedback, which shows you care and helps build their trust. And more trust results in more loyalty.

About the author

Alice Mackenzie is the content writer at She enjoys writing about SEO and loves to explore advancements in technology.  She writes about voice assistants, technology, and a variety of topics. 

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