Getting visual publicity about #EUVAT and #VATMOSS

Sorry to keep banging on about #EUVAT and #VATMOSS, but I have some exciting news to tell you!

I belong to and regularly read, contribute and share in a vibrant Facebook group: where I find out as much as I can on this subject. After all, this does affect my livelihood. The power of everyone coming together to learn, share and support during this moment of crisis is commendable and exciting, and I’m totally appreciative to be part of this community.

I have a friend, Jill Wigmore-Welsh, who lives near me and who has a contact in the BBC, as she used to regularly speak on the radio. She made some enquiries and arranged for a reporter for BBC South Today to come and visit her, and also me, as examples of nano businesses who will be caught up in the #EUVAT and #VATMOSS legislation.

Reporter from BBC South Today interviewing me about #EUVAT and #VATMOSS

As you can see it was a bit cramped with me, the interviewer and camera man squeezed into my little office!

They were there for an hour, resulting in about two minutes of reportage. I was very pleased, and also thankful to Jill for arranging this. Their main focus was on the time and cost expense incurred for a nano business caught up in this affair, so the other ideas, concepts and requests the campaign is working towards were not included.

But that doesn’t matter. What is important is that more awareness is generated about our plight regarding #EUVAT and #VATMOSS to another audience other than the Facebook group, Twitter storms (we managed to rank #4 in the world!) and people blogging about it in as many places as possible. Read my post in BritMums in a vain attempt to get more Mumpreneurs aware of their circumstances from 1 January.

Here is a video of the BBC coverage I took with my iPad:

It is typical that this problem falls at the end of the year when so many micro and nano businesses will be taking time off for the Christmas period, but I expect with the power of social media we will all be able to keep in contact and remain updated with as much information as we can before we start the New Year when #EUVAT and #VATMOSS comes into force.

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