How to promote your product without wasting consumer time

consumer time

A guest post by Saten Aghajanyan. 

Advertising, marketing, product and service promotion have been a huge part of everyone’s lives for decades now.

Further advancements in digital marketing means consumers now have fewer options of avoiding ads and promotions. Companies bombard them with offers which waste consumer time instead of actually offering something valuable.

Consumers start ignoring these “time-wasting” ads. Brands and companies who wish to be noticed have to implement different marketing strategies. Consumers need to be appreciated for the value of their time.

Companies also need to invest in creating good relationships with their customers. This includes implementing correct strategies to market themselves without wasting consumer time.

A well optimised website helps with consumer time

A well-optimised website crucially should also run fast enough to not to waste consumer time. It also acts as an indicator of your organisation’s reputation.

It should not hinder consumer shopping or review time, and should also be optimised for desktop as well as mobile users.

Here are some techniques which help improve websites who need to speed up.

Move hosts if necessary: Websites which are hosted on different types of servers can be held back from operating fast enough. When this happens, it’s time to change to another more reliable host.

Another method of increasing your website’s speed is to share hosting. This popular method is both affordable and significantly effective.

Reduce plug-ins: Website plugins implement many features, but can slow down your website performance. Get rid of unnecessary or ineffective plug-ins.

Reduce file sizes: Heavy media content acts as a speed bump. Reduce your media content by compressing file sizes.

Implement website caching: This technique is commonly used for websites with a lot of traffic. This solves website speed by storing different versions of your website on your user’s computer.

Creating content which is both engaging and short

Create content which is short yet compelling to avoid wasting consumer time. This refers to every type of content available: text, image, podcast or video.

Employ experienced writers for text-based content, social media accounts or any other relevant platforms. Content has to be concise, interesting to read, maybe thought-provoking and use upselling.

Video content should be short as well. Live-action shot advertisements should be about 15 to 30 seconds. Animation should be perfect to attract attention.

Video and image-based content needs to be attractive to prevent being disregarded or overlooked. Your customers should feel their time has been well spent in getting informed or being entertained.

Avoid overpromising and wasting consumer time

Ambition drives many businesses to open new products and services. Meeting customer demand is always good, except when there’s too much of it.

Businesses need to be careful not to overpromise to their customers. Newly starting businesses can fall into this trap by overpromising to deliver something without being capable of doing so.

Kickstarter and other start-up supporting websites have contributed to this. As a result consumers feel violated, resulting in these start-ups receiving an unnecessary bad reputation.

As businesses grow, they may encounter a heavier flow of consumers which suddenly leaves them with a lot more work. Adapting to the new flow of consumers is important to meet everybody’s demands.

Prioritise your email and SMS campaigns

If your consumer time is important, email and SMS messages should be relevant and not spammy. People hate receiving messages which are not suitable for them.

Promotions, sales and special offers cannot be tailored for every customer. Your messages need to be targeted to potentially interested consumers.

Targeted messages and emails to specific groups will increase the chance of being more positively received. However, you will annoy non-targeted consumers who continue to receive the same upselling message from an irrelevant brand.

Successful promotional and marketing campaigns value consumer time. Carefully approaching your consumers will be more challenging. However, take into account targeting website optimisation, email and SMS message with relevant key factors.

And being considerate enough not to waste consumer time is a good investment in gaining a lot of loyal and proactive customers in the future.

About the author

Saten Aghajanyan has been working at Dexatel OU as a sales manager for over a year and is now a part of the newly-formed marketing team representing their recently-launched product SendSMS, which provides wholesale SMS services. Currently, she works as a digital marketer helping develop the brand name while simultaneously giving people full information about mobile marketing, especially SMS marketing. Before working at Dexatel, she volunteered for different organisations and large events.

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  • Hey Saten Aghajanyan ,

    Excellent post with effective tips to promote products without
    wasting consumer time. It is true that if we really want to save
    consumers time while promoting the products then we must have a well optimized website. It is really essential to reduce the file size by compress it. Reducing plugins is also works well. As we know that including the plugins offers several helpful features but also slows down the website performance. Creating short and engaging content is really a good decision and will also works well.

    As this post will help several people and adopting these tips will also saves the precious time while promoting products.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

  • Hello Saten & Alice,

    Video marketing gives you unique capabilities and advantages to better connect with visitors and turn them into customers.

    In my opinion, video marketing has more potential than content marketing to attract your customers towards products and services.

    It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to get the word out about your business.

    Now-a-days, video is one of the best ways to inject your personality into your marketing messages, build trust and connect with viewers on an emotional level.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your informative thoughts with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    • Thank you Amar, I can see how video marketing would appeal to you. With today’s short attention spans, a quick, informative and thoroughly entertaining video is a great way to get the punters interested.

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