What does web design entail?

I’m not the same as a web developer

I do web design, which means I design how your website looks. I do not code, as that is what web developers do. Web developers are usually employed to work on the innards of a website, making it provide a particular functionality or work more efficiently.

Web design involves how your website looks. And also performs, in my case. I can not only make your website look like anything you want, it can accomplish many functions to enhance the digital marketing element of your business.

A good web design will be coherent with your brand, your business’s raison d’être, and how you want your web presence to be perceived by its visitors or your clients. Therefore it is important to know what you want your website to do for you, before it is designed. I can help you with this.

What do I work with?

A website should be owned by you, and not another organisation. Therefore it is important it should be self-hosted, and not designed from a website package like Wix or Squarespace. The difference is a self-hosted website is totally yours, and cannot be taken down by anyone. A hosted website (like Wix, etc) is at the mercy of the providers, who can delete it or add advertising if you get enough traffic.

A self-hosted website is not ‘free’. You pay for a domain (web address), and a hosting account (the retail space your website is on). I use WordPress, the content management system (CMS) which creates websites, and this comes free with self hosting. Think of WordPress as the bricks and mortar of your website built onto your retail space (hosting).

I also suggest buying all or part of Thrive Suite, a series of themes and digital marketing plugins for WordPress created by Thrive Themes, which provides the design creation and digital marketing functions a thriving business website needs.

Thrive Themes

The reason why I use Thrive Themes is because it allows me to create whatever I want in website design, and I can easily enhance a website’s performance, such as lead capture, course creation, adding in quizzes, encouraging testimonials, enabling automation and much, much more.

How do I work?

First I will talk with you about what you want your website to do. This is important, as it defines how it will look as well as how it will perform. My main focus is to make it as easy as possible for your visitors or clients to understand and use it, and also that you, as the owner, are also able to understand and use it.

Then I will do a mock up of your homepage, to get an idea of the design, branding, content, etc. We can discuss which elements you wish to include and where they will be placed. This will determine which parts of the Thrive Suite you will need to purchase. (I do not advise using any other system, as the results will be, in my mind, inferior.)

Once we’ve agreed on your website’s design, then I will give you a timeframe your website will be built in. This depends on its complexity, how soon you can give me contents and other elements, and any changes or amendments required. Any additional functions or suggestions made outside of our initial agreement will result in additional costs.

Depending upon how much ‘hands on’ you want to be with your website, I will either teach you how to update your website yourself, or offer a retainer package to keep the updates and maintenance of your website going. The latter is very good for people who know what they want to achieve from their business, and understand how their website can provide this, but are too busy to do it themselves.

One thing my clients say is that I respond quickly to requests. I work hard at solving problems, understand the meaning of urgency, and am quite flexible in my approach to web design. As long as you don’t abuse my good nature and willingness, we should be able to work very well.

What is my past work like?

You can see examples of the websites I have created here. I do not follow a set method, nor even a trend towards expected designs. My websites are fluid, like to tell a story, and focus on getting the maximum exposure your business requires.

If you are interested, fill in the contact form below to arrange an online chat via Zoom. I look forward to hearing from you.